I'm back :)


Greetings all, I hope everyone had a thouroughly nice Christmas this year :)

I'm back from London where I had the best Christmas of my life! Everyone was really supportive and complimentative, and I recieved some really nice comments as well as some very nice presents too :)

Christmas Day was harder than I thought it'd be to abstain, but I did it, and proved so much to myself over the course of the day; I even managed to sit at the table with everyone else while they had their Xmas dinner and just have my bar + water :D but my Grandad, bless him, his memory isn't so good and every 20 minutes he kept offering me things to eat :eek: and I had to keep declining and telling him why :eek::rolleyes:

Hope everyone is looking forward to a Happy New Year! :cool:
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Yes. You can.
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Well done Pete!!

I found the first family meal I attended and sat at the table a real eye opener!! Were you amazed at the amount consumed? I was.

I also woke the next day - like you have just done - and did not feel deprived at all and that is when started realising, "its JUST food". ANd I tried to imagine how my life would have been better that next day had I ate - in other words - did I lose out on anything by not eatting - and no, not really. The world was still spinning safely on it's axis, all the food I missed with would be there some other time, and life went on without a notice...

Well done - I knew you'd do it - but well done none the less!! :)



BL said:
I found the first family meal I attended and sat at the table a real eye opener!! Were you amazed at the amount consumed? I was.

I was too. Everyone at the table ate so, so much food. It seemed almost ridiculous that at the end, everyone was rubbing their stomachs as they were so stuffed.

I even managed to get some of the ego-states going in my mind when both my Grandma and my Mum (her daughter) both started giving their husbands potatoes off of their own plate, and commenting/worrying about them "not having had enough" and both men eating whatever was passed their way, despite them having just eaten around 10 roast potatoes each!

Does Parent and Adaptive Child ring a bell here???!!!? I didn't say anything of course, but strange and eye-opening to view things in such a way!

It was like a light went on, and seeing how traits like that are obviously passed on through our learned behaviour, set-in as a child was both amazing and a little scary!


Guess who's back...?
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Well done Pete!!

I've just got back from my sister's house... I didn't do quite so well (understatement)... but I'm putting that behind me now... doing a spring clean this evening and starting again tomorrow - well, right now, but I don't need anything else this evening...

Well done again and I'm glad you had a good day... I'm sure you felt MUCH better when you woke up this morning than I did, hey ho. Onwards and downwards!

Anna xx


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Well done hun, I have so much respect for what you achieved you cannot begin to imagine!



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Well done Pete

Yep, survived the family Christmas too.
It is so weird taking a step back and observing the behaviours and dynamics within the family and realising if/where/how we fit in.
I am so much more self aware since doing LL and yet I STILL found myself slipping into my expected/learnt role some of the time.
Strange but interesting experience.
Came out pretty much unscathed and we are all still talkng to each other.Phew ....

They all said it was a fab Christmas and no-ne made a fuss about the fat I didn't eat. In fact mostly said how proud of me they are
Well done you guys.
New Year's party next................


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How weird Westie !!!

You are right. Should have read food.
OMG the hidden power of the mind - scary!
Just looked again - originally wanted to say "fact"
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