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I'm being a complete numpty

and fretting about my first weigh in tomorrow.

I have kept to the plan all week, have used my syns but not gone above them knowingly (apart from one occasion) BUT there were a couple of days where i overdid my HE. One day i had a HIFI bar forgetting i'd had toast (on an EE and only had 2 syns left), another day i had Kidney Beans in my chilli - as planned on having an EE but changed it to red, and i had a hifi and w/meal toast that day as my HEB's and forgot about the Kidney Beans and didn't realise! :rolleyes:

I should know better as have done SW before (although not EE)

I sooo want a loss and want to be back into it 100% this time.

I'm sure i'm over-reacting and having first time nerves

Oh and i also had gravy last night on my dinner and as i overdid the syns on Sat (one extra glass of wine to make 18 instead of 12) that's just blummin silly!

Oh god i feel like one of those at group that we all roll our eyes at when they say 'i have been good all week but my weight just comes off slowly'
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I will succeed!!!
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Awww hun don't worry. I know it's easier said than done but you can't do anything about it now. We ALL make mistakes like this and it's espeically hard when chaning between plans.

It sounds like you've had a good week so I am sure you'll be rewarded. It's not like your extra syns are bad syns...kidney beans are nicer than a big fat dairy milk lol!

Keep us posted...hope it's good news xoxox

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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Dont panic Hun....the very worst is that you will sts this week, but as its your first weigh in, the chances are that you will have a loss regardless Hun.
Just put is down to poor judgement and look forward to another week....all things considered, it could have been a lot worse!

Good luck.


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You'll be fine and I bet you've lost ;)
Thanks ladies!

I've eaten lots of yummy homemade soup this week, aswell as fruit and all home-made meals, so fingers crossed!

Just looking back i cannot believe what an eejit i've been!

Oh well no more feeling guilty or silly, the scales will tell xx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
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I'm with the others! You'll be FINE! You'll have a stonking loss and wonder why you were fretting!
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I'm glad I'm not the only one that's felt this way before WI's, last week was my 4th but it was my 1st that I trully relaxed and am so looking forward to this weeks. Good luck, you'll be fine and will have had a lost


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Oh god i feel like one of those at group that we all roll our eyes at when they say 'i have been good all week but my weight just comes off slowly'
This made me LOL! Reminded me of this adorable old lady in my class who had no idea how to work the SW plan and didn't measure any HE and said things like "oh it was just a little handful" LOL! She was so sweet, wish I could go over and cook for her.

Regarding your issues with remembering what HEs you had, how about planning everything you're going to eat for the day, that way all your HEs will be factored in and you know exactly what you are going to eat and what you've already eaten.


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
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i have been doing sw for awhile now ww 3 years and still every week i get really nervous standing on those scales so dont worry but i bet you will have a fab loss keeping fingers and toes crossed xxx


Bring it on!
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Listen you know where you msde a few little misteakes but i'm with Ninja, bet you still lose as you've not been foolish. If you don't already then write everything down and it means you don't forget! Good luck!
Gosh i love you guys!!! :D

Debbywebby Good luck hun!

Just doing a mealplanner now for the next week (i usually have yoghurt and loads of fruit for brekkie, if i vary it it's usually eggs or eggs and bacon so brek is never a problem!) i've homemade soups planned for some days and some scrummy dinners for the evening..mmmmm yum!

Thank-you all so much, i weigh in at 10 - but have grocery shopping to do afterwards and to find somewhere to feed Gabe (my 7 month old) while we're out, as group and town is 10 miles from home :p


Bears dont dig on dancin'
hey I wi tomorrow morning too.I have an 18month boy keeping me busy and can easily forget whatim doing, so I know where you're coming from! I forgot i'd had pasta 'n' sauce one day and went over syns eek! I'm writing it all down again now, I learned my lesson! Hehe. Good luck at WI tomorrow! Xxx
i think everyone feels anxious sometimes, because loosing weight can be such an unpredictable thing! if you have been 100% good, sometimes you can maintain, have a bad week and lose, be angelic and gain! its sometimes hard to say how you will do at class!

Best of luck, all will be fine i am sure xxxx
Thanks all so much! I lost 3.5lbs - very happy :D , as it's also * week too!

Very determined to have a good week this week. Just done the grocery shop and have meal planned for the week. (might post my meal planner later tonight when i have time and the kiddies are in bed! ;))

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