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Im changing camps

Good luck wih CD, i'm sure you'll be able to shed those last lbs :)
i did that and had to og back to LL as didn't like the taste of cd's sachets ........just being truthful xx good luck
Welcome to the gang and good luck!

Hi, I did LL and then switched to CD and I find the CD stuff a bit nicer (except the soups) and certainly more varied. They're both very good tho. Good luck with CD!
Welcome to minimins.

I'm not a lover of the sachets...but tetras are a different story but we all have different tastes...it's trial and error.
CD is cheaper too :D

good luck hun

xx sj xx
I too made the swop from LL to CD. I do miss the group from LL but just couldn't justify the cost - my LLC was hopeless at counselling which always made me feel short-changed.

I don't think the shakes on CD are as anywhere near as nice as the LL ones - they're all like the old style LL chocolate, rather than the thick and creamy banana, strawberry or new vanilla. And the bars are like the old LL bars which I never liked rather than the new peanut or cranberry. It's a little disappointing given that they have more calories (you have 3 rather than 4 unless you're a man or tall)! The soups are a bit better though in my opinion and the chocolate tetra is both handy and tasty.

But there is more variety and as this forum proves time and time again, people's tastes are completely different!

Good luck!


likes posting.
I did ll & lost 5 st now im doing cd as i didnt think i needed the counselling any more.I dont think theres much differece in the packs im not that keen on any of them, but thats just me.At least they are managable.im going too try the bars next week, i hope there are some i will like.With ll i only liked the new bars.
Sorry but the CD bars are pretty much the same as the old LL bars (neither of which I like). The CD bars do have proper chocolate on them (not that nasty white stuff which I reckon was birds' droppings!) but the inside is the same.

On the bright side, because they do have slightly more carbs and calories, your weight loss will be a bit quicker if you don't eat them! That's what I keep telling myself....
Welcome to the dark side... woooohahhaha!... seriosly though, good decision :)

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