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I'm coming back on Monday!! (yay!)

Hi all!!

I've been away for a few months - I had joined my husband on Slimming World (in solidarity... ;)) and while it wasn't a horrible experience, it wasn't a terribly productive one!

We were doing the Extra Easy plan, which sounds simple enough. My husband refused to give up fruit, so rather than join me on Atkins, I joined him on this. I honestly think that it's a fairly good way to eat as a maintenence, but I haven't lost a pound on it. Mind you, I travelled to Canada for two weeks, haven't been careful at all this summer (using lots of syns...) and I'm still at 178. He's lost 20 pounds in about 6 weeks, with no added exercise, and is happy to stay on it as it's easier for his travelling schedule with his work.

But it's time to get serious again, and I'm coming back to what works for me. I'm about 2 stone from my goal, and I just started a ballet class last week (how's that for motivation... standing in a room full of mirrors!) and am very excited about finding my new body under here somewhere! Plus, we're going on a cruise in two months time, and I'd so love to be closer to my goal weight then. It's really something concrete to work towards.

So am having a few carby treats this weekend as a "send off" but then it's back to LC eating on Monday. I'm actually looking forward to it!

See you all in the cheese aisle! :p
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Welcome back :D I was a SW consultant for 2 years, but I still had to count my calories :( This is so much better for me.
Good luck for your restart x
hiya!! ill be getting back on the wagon with you on monday.....



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Welcome back Seraphine and here's to chatting more over the Brie :)

Welcome back Seraphine! :wavey:
Thanks everyone!

I jumped in feet first and had 2 pork chops for breakfast (they were in the fridge and calling my name...). Am feeling cold and somewhat unmotivated to do much today - my house needs cleaning up, and we are up to our necks in several house projects, so I know I should just get in there and tidy up.

I'm so glad to be back - despite my hopes of trying to remain lowcarb while I was dabbling in Slimming World, the "low fat" mantra keeps coming up (no butter, no oil, crummy low fat yogurt...) and it just doesn't feel right anymore. I like real food!
hiya, how was your monday?

mine was good....no carbs in my little belly today :D
Monday was okay, thanks :)

B - 2 pork chops
L - chicken and salad
D - pan fried cod and broccoli with butter and lemon

W - about 2 L (I'm having to really work at this!)
Bad things... 2 tins of diet coke (but I don't drink tea or coffee, and I can only deal with one vice at a time)

Plus, I started yesterday at 180 and now I'm 178 again... a new beginning. The only issue I'm having right now is that I'm meeting some friends in Edinburgh tomorrow for dinner, and they are insisting on a vegetarian restaurant. Geez... I hope I can get an omelette! I was looking through the menu, and because I have fruit and nut allergies (severe), there's next to nothing on the menu I can eat even if I was eating carbs. So I'm going to have to eat early, or get very creative!

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