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I'm coming back!


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Hi all, I have decided that i'm coming back to lipotrim. I really need the disapline of being weighed by someone a week. I have totally floundered this week on W8. thought maybe having the add a meal thing would stop me wanting to eat, but actually is making me want to eat more, and therfore cheat. The week i stopped lipotrim was when we had the snow and I had to refeed as I couldt get to the appointment, that was disaster for me, because I couldnt find the willpower to go back on it.

This week I am eating 'normally'...its my birthday tomorrow so i have kind of given myself permission to eat. Wrong I know, but I think the only way I can do this is have the support of my advisor. The weight wasnt coming off quick enough for me with W8 and I never hit ketosis so was always hungry.

So, I am ringing my advisor tomorrow (she isnt in office today) and will be going to see her on tuesday :) :) :)
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Yayyyyy woohooo Weldome back angelcake!!

lovely to see u on here!!

Best of luck you will crack it this time..



I will be skinny again!!!
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Welcome back chick!!

Yup I think we are all on the same boat of needing Total food replacement!!!


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Thankyou my lovelies..you have both down darn well....it will be good to come back :) xxxx


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Welcome back honey!! :D :D :D


Doing it for my girls!
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Hey chick!! Welcome back to the fold!

Claire xx


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Welcome back, I remember you started just a week or two after me and I too got snowed in at the same time as you did.
At least you have tried something else, ok it didnt work for you, but you know the lipotrim diet after having done it before and you can see the results it has.
You can and will do it. Look forward to seeing your weekly losses. Good luck with the Pharmacy tomorrow.


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Thankyou all *hugs* xxx


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Yay! Welcome back hun :D


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Welcome back!
Happy birthday for whenever! x x
heheh tomorrow (grand old age of 36!)....and I am having a 'kids tea party' to keep the young uns happy lol. :D


Getting thinner everyday!
Welcome back to you Demaris

I know one of the reasons that you changed diet was that you were struggling to get to the chemist.

I have the same problem so I explained my difficulties to the chemist lady and she let me buy two weeks in one hit so I have some in reserve just in case.

My problem was that sometimes I can't make thursdays weigh in and have to go on a friday. Which means I have no food for friday as I started on a thurs.

It's such ahelp having an extra weeks supply as I know if my little girl is ill and I can't make it, I've got some reserves and could get weighed in anytime the following week.

Maybe your chemist would let you have an extra week as well. It might make things a bit easier for you.



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I have my app next tuesday, so going to finish off my W8 packs till then....can't wait to get back into the swing of it :)


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being positive

Welcome back
You have tried something else and it didn't work, hey that O.K. You sound positive and focused so am sure you will be ok.
Happy Birthday:553:


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Welcome back hun!


My husband = My hero
S: 20st0lb C: 14st7lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 5st7lb(27.5%)
Happy birthday hunnibunch!!!

mmmm kiddies tea party sounds yumy!

jam butties party rings and sausage rolls!! yes pelase haha


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