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I'm digging myself out of this rut!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Milkshake, 24 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Milkshake

    Milkshake Full Member


    I have restarted slimming world yet again and I'm so fed up of just loosing and gaining the same few lbs.

    I've decided to start a thread and use it to keep myself in check and hopefully the weight will come off and stay off too!

    I forgot to weigh in this morning but will do it tomorrow first thing.

    Fingers crossed!!
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  3. Milkshake

    Milkshake Full Member

    Ok so food today has been good

    Bfast - chopped grapes and a muller light
    Lunch- homemade couscous with onions, sliced ham and vegetables
    Dinner - homemade carrot and potato soup with wholemeal roll (hx b)

    Used 6 syns for a curly wurly, 5 on a bag of rivita minis and some of hx a in my many cups of tea so not bad.
  4. Milkshake

    Milkshake Full Member

    Day 2 and I'm still feeling motivated

    No bfast today as woke up stupidly late for work
    Morning snack - grapes and melon
    Lunch- last of the veggie couscous and more melon
    Dinner - batchelors savoury rice with added veg diced chicken and a side salad

    Sadly only have 1.5 syns left as I found full fat philly in the fridge and couldn't stop myself, I am out on sat so was trying to save some syns every day so I can go out without counting as it would be covered (not a big drinker anyway) we shall see....
  5. Milkshake

    Milkshake Full Member

    Morning, didn't get a chance to write yesterday but it went well stayed under syns and drank a lot of water so happy with that..


    Bfast, bran flakes with chopped grapes and fat fee yog
    Lunch- jacket pot with beans and side salad
    Dinner- steak veg and slimming world chips

    Trying really hard to not have a mid week weigh in :D

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