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I'm doing this Alternate Day diet thing


Wants to do this!
One day up (2595) and one day down (519). So all I need to do is limit my Calories for one day. Then back up the next surely I can do this considering I did CD towards the end of last year.

So today I've eaten:

One Ryvita bar,coffee and a dash of milk = 72cals
One Nectarine = 70cals
Green salad with a tiny. tiny bit (6g) of really strong cheddar = 70cals
One low-fat fruit yogurt = 95 cals
25g of soya nuts = 100cals
Cup of Slim a soup = 60cals
10 small strawberries = 20cals

Total calories = 487. Well in my limits

Now I'm planning what i'll eat tomorrow.

Sausage sandwich maybe (400 cals) or Croissant with jam and brie (400cals)

for lunch large jacket potato, cheese and beans (700cals)

for a snack chocolate swiss roll and some brownies (250cals)

Then at home for dinner - pork steak and egg fried rice. (500cals)

Total tomorrow = no more than 2000kcals, still well in.

I really think I can do it on this one. :):p:D
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Wants to do this!
Funny you should ask...

Alternate-Day Calorie Restriction – The Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™

Basically you diet one day then not the next! How good is that :)

Well I felt peckish on the down day but got through it and today's been wonderful. Do you know I was able to have a full McDonald's breakfast with all the trimmings = totalled just under 1000kcal and I haven't been hungry all day. Gonna have a chocolate bar and stir fry for dinner later.

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Thanks for that.

Looks interesting and I can understand how it could work. Think I might give it a go since I got a new load of foodpacks through but don't think I can do a total food replacement every day again - I did it last year and lost a load but with only 10lbs to lose,, I think this might be a bit easier for me.
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i too am looking at it with interest, like the ideal of dieting only every other day.

Can i also say Chany, that its great to hear your sounding so positive-i remember some of your previous posts when you were quite down, so good to see things on the up!!


Wants to do this!
thanks mommyb. I'm doing alright people though not going to use the scales going to use my clothes to tell me how i'm doing. And i'm feeling good. Also using some me my remaining cd packs to help.
I'm having a down day tomorrow. Breakfast a ryvita bar 62 cal, lunch tesco lighter choice jacket pot 205cal, snack small apple 50, small piece chicken and some brocoli 250cal. I'm all good.
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I Channy, very interesting post. How's things going? After reading this I'm seriously thinking of trying it. I'm currently on slimfast but hit a bit of a plateau so thinking doing this might kickstart me again lol! Plus read that you can use slimfast products on it, which is great news as I do love my slimfast and don't want to give in on it totally :)
I'm watching closely too, dont fancy SSing at the mo but have tons of packs, I maybe be starting soon, must be the only diet in the world I havent tried!! Im doing lunch out on sunday so if I start up updaying tomorrow and then down Wednesday looks like I can also manage lunch out, how cool is that!


Wants to do this!
Hey guys looks like I've generated a lot of interest in this way of eating (diet).

I'm doing great so far and it's not feeling too difficult either. I mean to be far on my down days there are some things I'd like to have and then I think ok, i'll put it on my list as something I'll have tomorrow.

I must admit as well that there is structure to my eating. So I would have my breakfast at 9.30am (when I get in the office), 12.30pm for lunch, 3.30pm - a snack and 6.30pm dinner. I also try to stick with this order on up days too and at the weekend, though I do have more leniency on my meal times. I also add pudding on the weekend and some alcohol up days are really good!

I'm thinking I might start stepping on the scales and weighing weekly so you guys can know how much I'm losing in a week. Then you'd be able to decide if you too really want to consider it as a weight loss option. I'll weigh tomorrow morning and post my week's weight loss next Wednesday.
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Thanks for the update Channy, sounds like you're doing really well and this plan is really suiting you! Seriously considering it myself, probably when the kids get back to school as I just find it so much easier then, as my days are more structured and it's just easier to stay on track.


Wants to do this!
Today is a down day, eating as follows:

Breakfast - 1 small fromage frais 55cals and half small banana 50cals = 105cals
Lunch = Tesco healthy living jacket pot with cheese = 205cals
snack = 1 sweet 30cal and a bag of popcorn 50cals = 80cals
Dinner = Still over 100cals left. some tin Tuna and veg.

Looking good hah? Oh and I managed to have only 1 sweet as it was given to me. If it was from a pack of my own, they'd be no way that i'd stop at one! (You know how it is)

Tomorrow GBK. Burger, chips and a shared Oreo cookie milkshake for lunch. Bring it on. I'll just have a bowl of cereal for breakie and probably won't need much for dinner considering my lunch.
Did you weigh in, was it this morning???

Im too thinking of when DD goes back to school and i am at work all the time, may make life easier.
I used to have the book of this and the science behind it seems very sound. They have done tests that also suggest it is good for asthma and other inflammatory conditions. I did it for a couple of weeks and had very good losses (it apparently doesn't reduce your metabolic rate either because you're not dieting on the alternate days). The down side is that I really struggled with the down days after the first couple of weeks, which is silly because you know you can pretty much eat what you want on the up days.
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Yes I think it'd be good to do for a few weeks, esp to give your metabolism a boost after being on another plan for a while, like for me hitting a plateau. But to be honest I've been thinking I couldn't do it for that long, but I am considering giving it a go for a few weeks and see how I go, then prob go back to slimfast after.

Karen, how much were you loosing on it?
I was losing three pounds a week and I wasn't counting calories at all on up days - I should have stuck to it really!

I'm giving a down day a try today to see how it goes. So far I've had an alpen light bar - 60 calories and some vegetable sushi - 200 calories. I was going to have vegetable soup for tea but it's too hot so I'm going to have raspberries and yogurt (haven't worked out the caloried for those yet). My DD calories are 409 but I'm not going to stress it too much and I'll aim to stay below 500 which is what I did last time.

The trick for me is to keep busy in the evenings and have hot drinks and save a few cals otherwise I go off the rails then!


Wants to do this!
Karenlou, well done to you. I'll be posting my weight loss tomorrow to let all know how much I lost this week.

Keep letting us know how you get on. Who else is in on this eating plan?
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Glad it's going well Channy, look forward to hearing about your loss, good luck. Just said on Karen's thread that I might be joining you both next week once kids are back at school.
Cool - we can be a tiny judddd trio! I see mommyb was interested but don't know if she plans to try it or not. Looking forward to hearing how you've done this week channy - is it your first week on judddd?
It works...

Hi - I've been doing this alternate day thing for about a month now and have lost almost a stone. Psycologically, it's great 'cos I know I only have to diet for a day before I can have something nice...
I just have 2 slimfast shakes on the diet days. Plus lots of hot and cold drinks. That way I don't have to plan the food too much and it gives me more spare time as I'm not preparing food.

You do need to keep youself busy in the evenings though to distract yourself from being hungry.

As a side effect, I feel that my asthma has subtly improved. I'm not reaching for my Ventolin inhaler as much.:):):)

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