Mousey's marvelous miniaturisation!

I am so glad you got sorted! It would be a shame to waste the money

Your dinner sounds yummy!

I need to be really strict when I am on a diet. If there is any wiggle room or cheat days I really take the biscuit.

You are doing so well . I am sure you will look fab for your event in February

I am glad exante has chocolate options. There is nothing I love more than sitting down with chocolate and MasterChef after all the dishes are done and my very active 2 year old has went to bed.
Definitely glad it has chocolate! I like watching cookery shows myself but you need a little treat to have while viewing!

Ive had 3 sweet packs today (well 2 so far, haven't got to my third yet) and think maybe I actually find them more satisfying in an odd way? Maybe 3 sweet packs in general with the odd savory when I feel like it is the way to go for me. Sometimes a savoury pack will make me hungry rather than fill me up while a sweet pack doesn't seem to need to be as substantial. Worth keeping track of, anyway.
Thumbs up for the jam bar! The sweetest bar so far and very crunchy. Quite easy to eat slowly. Peanut and cherry are still my faves I think but this is nice and I like the jam topping.

Plan for tomorrow:

double choc bar
sweet and sour noodles (Will I like these I wonder! Hope so!)
Lean roast beef, boiled egg, courgette spaghetti with 30g philadelphia light garlic & herb.
The red army has officially rolled into town a week early so I'm all cranky and hope I'm not retaining too much water. Mind you I have practically moved into the loo since starting this diet, so not too worried. We'll see on Thurs I suppose.

I think I heated my exante porridge for too long earlier, it boiled over/exploded in the microwave, oops. What was left was yummy, though.
Sweet and sour: interesting? Edible if not actually nice. Tastes nothing like sweet and sour - I added some Worcestershire sauce (like a tsp) to try and make it taste of anything, and now it tastes a bit like I imagine Worcestershire sauce crisps would taste like if you liquidised them.

So, interesting.

I only have 2 more packs of this though and I'm eating this so will probably eat them.

Plan for tomorrow:

Gooey caramel pudding
Shepherds pie (maybe)
Random bar
Tuna steak with courgetti and 30g Philadelphia light garlic.

May change the shepherds pie for something I haven't had yet. What are the bacon scones like?
Actually just been down to pick out tomorrow's packs and think I'll have an all-sweet day so;

Apple crumble and custard
Gooey caramel pudding
Choc orange bar
Add a meal; Tuna steak & courgetti with Philly light
Currently having apple custard - eating it cold this time and I think I prefer it this way, much fluffier & lasts longer too. Yummy. Having with a hot tea for the best of both worlds.

I do hate * week - cramps, bloating and weakness as my anaemia always gets worse.

That said, I am going to get some work on my own projects done today and tomorrow (my two days off from my other job). I have a big project to finish that should be really good when it's been done but I've been so depressed it's been tough to motivate myself. I still am very low but I've been taking a few notes on what I need to do for the last few days so I'm going to give it a go.
Hope your day has gone well mousey.

I found last time at first it was difficult finding what I liked but once I knew I just stuck to them and I have to admit there's still a few things I haven't tried yet and I don't know if I'm brave enough too! I mainly stick to chocolate shakes, chocolate bar, the chocolate caramel bar, sausage pack and egg pack - I might try more this time.

I agree with what you said previously about weight not making much difference overall, I can't see my life being much different after I've list this weight than it is now I'm working on loving myself regardless of size. Although I find the bigger I get the less attention I pay to myself and it also puts me off socialising - madness all I'm doing is being responsible for my own unhappiness! Time to treat ourselves!

Pamper yourself, * week and VLCD are not a happy combination. Hope you managed to do what you wanted work wise and hope your feeling a bit better. X
Definitely, Poppy. When I was quite ill a few years ago I was also a few stone bigger than I am now and I just stopped leaving the house. Dealing with people being very unkind in public was too much, I wanted to hide away. It's taken a lot of work to regain some confidence, and it's stupid really because I'd never judge anyone for their size, I know a lot of very beautiful people who are bigger than me - they're more confident than me, they have fab partners and do great things. I don't believe weight should be a barrier to anything.

And yet I've made it my own barrier by being scared of being judged by others. I'm better than I was but it's still an issue. I want to love myself at any and every size but I was getting bigger again as I was eating to punish and comfort myself, not because I was happy with who I was.

So we'll see. I have a few journeys to go on and they're all quite a long way, physically and emotionally, I think.


Having my goey salted caramel pudding. Undercooked slightly by accident so it's mostly goo but very yummy goo so I don't care. Tastes like condensed milk caramel. I added some extra sweetner - all the exante puddings have been slightly undersweet for my tastes, and now it's perfect.

The funny thing is, I'm not really a dessert person. I like chocolate etc but when we go out I almost never have dessert, and I often don't want dessert when I'm eating at someone else's. I have much more of a savoury tooth, but perhaps because I like savoury foods more, the exante savoury packs (most of them) taste less good to me than the sweet ones, because I'm not as fussed about sweets.

It's nice to be able to eat a sweet without worrying too much about being bodyslammed by a sugar crash, too.

I do think having 3 sweet packs helps satiety, because I wouldn't usually have 3 puddings in a day so my body feels like it's had treats.
Day 6 (I think?) and alls going well so far. I'm feeling good about this diet so far, it's more sustainable feeling than I expected and I'm even (thinking really far ahead) wondering if maintaining by doing 3 days a week of working solution / 4 days normalish moderate cal/carb might be my way forward.

We'll see if I still feel good at WI tomorrow, I hope so.

Had carbonara with broccoli for my first meal - nicer than the first time I had it though still not a fave. Though I think adding veggies really helps keep things regular iykwim - when I did Cambridge I was often blocked up and it was awful.

Hope everyone's having good days today x
Just popping in to say I~ love~ peanut~ bars~

Oh! Plan for tomorrow UM

bacon and cheese scones pack
apple custard pack
caramel crunch bar

And I think my add a meal will be eggs and ham again, maybe with courgettes.
Hi mousey-, just caught up on your diary. You sound really focussed.
Whoop just weighed in!

I was: 15 stone 9lbs
I am now: 15 stone 0lbs

I've lost 9lbs!!!!

That's amazing considering I've been adding a meal and really haven't felt deprived. I'm mega pleased - even if I'll probably have a tiny loss next week to compensate!
Even 1lb would get me into the 14s.

9lb, yay!
Well done Mousey that's a great weight loss :)
Yay-well done you.
Thanks guys, I'm so pleased - though it's probably largely because I was eating so much crap before! I tend to get good first losses on ketogenic diets, I did on atkins, too. I think I must have a lot of fat water cells!

Just had my lovely gooey caramel pudding - one of my faves, along with the apple cinnamon porridge and the peanut bar. It really does kill cravings when you've had three puddings in a day and your brain is convinced you've been treating yourself.

The day's flown by, although they've changed the design of the website I work on and now it's giving me headaches. I'm partially sighted and it can be really hard to read light text on a light bg. Going to have to figure out how I can change the colour for my needs.

Anyway, having my caramel crunch bar in a bit. Plan for tomorrow iiiiss

porridge pack
gooey choc pack
cherry and almond bar
add a meal: tuna steak and mushrooms