Mousey's marvelous miniaturisation!

Ended up not having my tuna - I cooked it, tried it and for some reason just really wasn't in the mood. So it was a waste of food unfortunately but I couldn't eat it. I had a courgette, mushroom and egg scramble instead.

Plan for tomorrow:

Vanilla cereal
gooey chocolate pack
double chocolate bar
roast chicken and spring greens
Tried the vanilla cereal today. I hadn't been sure about it as I didn't think it would be very filling - and it isn't as filling as eg porridge. But it's delicious and I crave cereal sometimes so it really hits a spot. I'll def have to order some more.

Plan for tomorrow:

EITHER bacon scones OR gooey caramel pud
apple crumble
cookies and cream bar
more chicken and veggies.

I had a small roast potato with my chicken and spring greens tonight - also had one last sunday and I was ok so fingers crossed.
It was good, thanks! I tried the scones but wasn't a fan so I had my fave gooey caramel pudding instead. I think I just don't get on with the exante savoury products - possibly because I'm adding a meal so I'm not craving/missing savoury food. And as I'm not usually a huge sweet eater I'm not as discerning about the desserts (and really enjoy most of them tbh).

I'm a big fan of the bars and all the sweet packs I've had so far, honestly. As I'm adding a meal and that's always low carb and savoury, I think I'm going to stick to sweet packs. When you've had a bar and two bowls of pudding in a day you can't crave more sweets! I think it makes me feel more satisfied than having the savoury meals. Also the puddings/porridges etc are the same sort of size i'd usually have in a pudding (maybe even a bit bigger) wheras the savoury meals feel quite small.

Actually I'm thinking tomorrow I may try making muffins out of a pancake mix - I figure adding a pinch of baking powder to the batter mix should work.

As I hated the scones, today's meals were:
Apple crumble pack
Gooey caramel pack
Cookies and cream bar
add a meal: chicken, egg, courgette and mushrooms

Plan for tomorrow:
raspberry pancakes made into muffins (if it works...)
ham, eggs, courgettes
Sounds like you're right in the zone there Mousey :)

Interesting how we are all so different in our tastes and planning!

I don't do any of the shakes - yuk - and like all the savoury Exante meals :)

.......but recently ordered some of the apple crumble packs, and OMG I just love them :D
I like the apple crumble too! It's yum - I've found I prefer it mixed up cold rather than warmed in the micro but it's ok both ways. I loooove the gooey caramel pudding, I find it tastes like condensed milk which I adore. I do add sweetener to almost all the packs though.

Today I turned my blueberry pancake mix into pancupcakes - the texture was a bit sweet yorkshire puddingy but actually they were pretty tasty and filling, so tomorrow I'll try the same with maple syrup pancake mix. I just add some baking powder and put in cupcake tins in the oven.


Plan for tomorrow:

gooey caramel pudelicious
maple syrup pancupcakes
double chocolate bar
steak and prawns and mushrooms

Doesn't read like a diet menu, does it. And not just because of the words I've made up
Well my sleeping pattern is a mess. I managed to sleep between 4pm and 11pm. Going to try and stay up to 6pm tomorrow? When fatigue kicks in I just crash though. Anyway, rubbish sleeping pattern but at least I can try and get some project stuff done during the night.

Weigh in day this week will vary depending on whatever night I manage to get a decent sleep. I won't WI unless I've had at least 6 hours in a row and been to the loo, as that's how I feel comfortable weighing. So it might be Fri rather than Thurs, will depend if I manage sleep!

Food yesterday turned into 2 bars, 3 medium boiled eggs and some prawns. Not ideal but not going to kill me.

So yesterday's plan becomes today's:

Gooey caramel pudding
maple syrup pancakes
double choc bar
add a meal: steak and prawns
Having gone off tuna earlier in the week, I seem to have gone off steak now too! This diet is doing odd things to my tastebuds...

I tried the maple syrup pancakes and made three mini American pancakes and two mini crepes from a pack - enjoyed them more than the steak!! I did add sweetener though, I tend to add sweetener to every sweet pack.

Plan for tomorrow:

Gooey choc pudding
Jam bar
Add a meal: ham and eggs & 20g cheddar
Ooh yummy, I love the maple syrup pancakes. Think I would buy them when not on the diet. Couldn't get on with the cereal though. Much too sweet. I'm going to try the salted caramel pud tonight as you said its yummy. I do really like the savoury meals as well. In fact I'm quite impressed with most of the packs as was expecting the worst. Ended up having 4 packs yesterday as felt hungry even though I know I shoudnt be.
I hope you like the salted caramel! I think we all just have different tastes - I would say I'm not overly into sweet foods but they're the most palatable packs for me on this diet and i actually add a little extra sweetener to most of them. I think that as I add a savory meal of 'real food' every day, having 3 sweet packs just makes me feel like i've had loads of treats and helps keep me satisfied!

Well, anyway I weighed today and I am:

14st 13lb !

I sort of predicted this last week saying I'd only lose a lb after that big first week loss. I'm ok with it, but I am a little frustrated because sneaky weigh ins tell me I was 14st 11lb two days ago. Physically it's impossible for me to have gained weight while eating below my calorie threshold so I know it must be a water fluctuation or something - still annoying the lower weight isn't there on WI day but I want to stick by what the scales say, not what they said a couple of days ago.

It's still 10lb in 2 weeks which is pretty excellent.

The only things that have been different food/routine wise this week to last week are:

I'm not sleeping as well or for as long.
I've eaten less calories overall this week (as I had one day where I missed a pack)
I'm not as regular, bathroom wise.

Plus it's been a slightly stressful week with personal stuff.

I figure the answer to the fluctuation is in there somewhere.

So in the coming week I'm keeping things as they are - though I may have a higher carb / cal add a meal on one day when I'm eating out. Part of the reason I'm doing this diet is so I can have meals off plan now and then and will know my overall weekly calories are still enough to lose (while I could lose well on a much higher calorie level while eating low carb / high fat it always frustrated me that one off plan meal could mess up a whole week).

Anyway, onwards and downwards!
I also seem to have gone off cheese? Not sure what's going on with my taste buds rn....

Apple custard crumble
Gooey caramel pudding
Double choc bar
Add a meal: probably eggs and courgettes
I can't get the pancakes to work properly. I just ended up with a bit of a mess on a plate. Whats the secret? Apart from not being an idiot with a saucepan?! ;-)
were you trying to do crepes or american style? for american style i made it up thicker than directed, so it was quite a solid batter. Then waited for it to be done underneath before turning.

For crepes I made the batter very thin so it would run round the pan.

All mine were very small, I don't think it would be easy to make big crepes or pancakes with the mix.
Well done one the 1lb loss mousey - as Darcy says every lb down is in the right direction. Your off sleeping pattern may have had an impact. I know when on other diets if I don't get decent sleep my weight loss has been non-existent.
Hey Mousey :) , my mission today was to read and sub to many inspirational diaries on here, and yours is one of them :D . Your doing really well hun and I hope you don't mind if I follow you on your journey.

I hope you have a lovely week ahead and looking forward to reading many more posts on your diary :).

Kay xx