I'm done!!


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Hi, I started CD in June and am have lost 50lbs! Am now down to 10st 7. I'm 5ft 3in and my bmi is still not 25, but it's time to call it a day. I don't look stick thin BUT:

When started to try and lose weight I was in J Taylors size 20 trousers. I then started CD after losing a bit and wearing Next size 18. Stretchy size 18 side fastening suit trousers. I now can fit into a size 6 with a bit of a struggle.

I'm a size 32JJ and can wear a size 12 from Next. Also,
I have a pair for snug size 8 stretchy Lycra trousers from M&S.

The crunch was when my DH called my jogging bottoms saggy and their an 8, the 6 is too big and Next don't sell a size 4.

I still have a tummy, but I think it's time to give my body a rest and let it redistribute the weight.

I was on 790 and have moved to a low carb version of 1000. I'll go up through the stages slowly.

I want to say thanks to everyone here. The support has been amazing and pulled me through the tough times.

I'm on a Caribbean cruise for my wedding anniversary in Jan. A few years ago I had a formal photo taken and cried when I saw myself in it. I've had the frock altered and am having the photo redone this year. I think I might cry again!

I always wished I could wake up thin and live my life. My life hasn't changed as I was lucky it was good. I was just too miserable to realise that before. But now when I wake up, I feel like I have myself back again
Excellent and well done!! Superb

But don't think just cos you are where you are you can dessert the forum.
Your advice will be worth more now you have joined the been there done that club.
Wow, thats great news , well done you..

Can we have a photo of you in the dress - well photo's the one taken a few years ago and the one you'll have in Jan...

great stuff girlie
Jolly well done!
I hope this doesn't mean you're leaving us ...

... we will all need your experiences of staying slim now you've got there. Congratulations!!!

Do you still go for larger sizes not believing the smaller sizes will fit? How do other people treat you now you are slim, have you noticed a difference?
That is brilliant, congratulations ! I think you are right to stop when you are happy with how you look, BMI's and things are guidelines, we are all individuals.
Over the moon for you. :D :D Please stay posting as we need your inspiration, don't leave us!!:eek:
Congratulations Soraya - that's absolutely brilliant.
I always wished I could wake up thin and live my life. My life hasn't changed as I was lucky it was good. I was just too miserable to realise that before. But now when I wake up, I feel like I have myself back again


well done done Soraya :D

and I can sooo relate to wot ur saying about having urself back again...cos I feel exactly the same :)

It's a great great feeling ! well done to you - have a fab Christmas and hope you enjoy ur cruise...here's to many more happy years with hubby ;)


Tell us more about your Cruise ...

.... Where are you going? What ship? Have you cruised before? Who are you going with? For how long? What kind of cabin? What countries are you visiting? What are you looking forward to most of all?

I think that's all...
Hi Everyone

Thank you so much for all the replies. I showed my DH and even he was teary (but hid it cos he's a bloke) that there is so much support from everyone.

I'll be here as this is part of my maintenance strategy :). I know how much it inspired me when I was losing that there were people who had kept the weight off. It was my secret fear that having worked to lose, I would regain it all - even though I read papers showing that people on VLCD have a better chance of keeping the weight off.

AmandaJayne - you sound like a cruise addict like me! I'm cruising with P&O to the southern caribbean, it's a two week cruise and I'm most looking forward to doing the Champagne snorkel in Dominica (natural bubbles in the reef). I won't be desparately trying to hide in my swimming costume! I have a balcony cabin and can't wait to sit there sipping a drink.:)
Mmm ... I wish I was there now!

Yes, I'm a cruise addict. What P&O ship are you on? We've been on all of them except the 'adult only' ones. Next summer we are going on the Navigator of the Seas from S'ampton, for a change. My new, slim self will be ice skating, rock climbing and other stuff I'd never dared to do when big.

The 'food' issue will be an interesting challenge - have you thought about strategies? You could still keep in touch with us a minimins on the internet (its SO expensive though). Royal Carribean tend to cater for alot of 'special diet requirements' so I might ask for a 'healthy option' menu in the evenings.

It is a bit scary though, isn't it?
Hi, I'm on an adults only ship! The Arcadia. Have heard mixed reports about it especially the atrium, but it's based on a Holland America ship the Westerdam which we were on last year. Would like an atrium, but the price was really good! We're off on the 12 Jan - I'll let you know what it was like.

For some reason, I never put on weight on cruises! I think it's the fear of not fitting into my frock on formal nights. :) Also, I go to loads of yoga, pilates classes and do lots of active excursions. And I get lots of sleep which apparently helps you to lose weight - I never get enough sleep at home.

Saw some good deals on Navigator, but got next years hols bookd (non cruise), and didn't have enough days off left!