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Extra Easy Im dreading my weigh in this tuesday.


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Hi guys, my first weigh in was last week and i was disappointed with only a 1lb weight loss, it was also my star week.
Ive given 110% this week and the mistakes i made last week i havent this week, im also still on my star week!( 1st since having my daughter)....but im really afraid of going and i know i shouldnt be!..im dreading getting on the scales and it sayingive not lost or even worse ive put on, i made a mistake of going to boots on saturday and getting on the weighing machine and it said i was 7lb heavier!....sorry guys just angry annoyed and fretting. xx
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Hi, im new to these boards so you will have to bare with me. I go to my first class tomorrow, so my official start date it tomorrow night. Im dreading going and finally starting, I got vouchers for SW off my GP and have been told I have to lose a stone from the weight she weighed me at, I know I have pigged out rotten this week as my "last bit of freedom with crap food before diet" lol So I know I have gained quite abit since then.

I dont get the plan as such yet because I dont have the books or anything but my mate said that if your good, and still lose on your "Star" week then you are doing right. You should be fine, its my week too this week hense I havent cared about my food intake. But I know I will struggle at first when Im getting used to the plan and its my first "star" week after joining. But that is ust natural, just stick to it and you should be fine :)

Drink plenty of water at this time of month too as you dehydrate and bloat more as your losing body fluids obviously more.. and you should be fine


PS- Sorry its long post lol
hun ((( ))) try not to worry hun u know u have done it right so if u do have a gain its cause of your star week. many of us rarely loss much at star week.
keep going hun what r u going to acvhieve by not going. last year after the birth of my son i joined sw when he was 2 weeks old the weight came off so quick at first. hopefully it will for u to when you finish star week.
don't believe boots scales all scales weigh different
good luck hun

Mrs V

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Hun, your weight can fluctuate during the day too. I weighed on Friday evening and my scales said that I had sts, got on them this morning and I have lost 2 lbs. I am weighing this evening, so who knows!

Dont go by any other scales than the ones at class. You may be surprised and have a really good loss, so dont fret until you have weighed. If its the totm, then that is taken into consideration too. As SJDrocit has already said....drink water today as that helps flush you through.



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Thanks girls to be honest i dont drink enough fluids so i will make more of an effort to drink water, think im worried over nothing and if i lost only a 1lb a week i would be happier than putting on a 1lb a week!..thanks girls.
Thats ok, I am the same i dont drink enough really only recently have I started I dont know why but I just dont drink much in the day anyway. Hope all goes well for your WI and keep us informed


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good luck hon :)

off topic but how soon after giving birth can you go back to sw? i thought there was a timeout period?

abz xx


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Hi as far as im aware its after your 6 week check with your doctor.x

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