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Im feeling a binge coming on :-(

Nooo, you can still stop yourself!! Think of something to take your mind off it. A bath,emmerse yourself in a book, go trawling on the internet? You can do it!! :)

Go and brush your teeth -nowt tastes nice after that :p


Hippety Hop!
Hi Princessnicky, Just looking thro' your numerous thread postings it seems that this is a reoccurring theme of yours, I wonder why?
Methinks a whole new look at your involvement with food would be good. Are you sure that losing weight is your priority or is it a need to get someone to talk to? I really can't help feeling it is the latter at the mo'.
Start your own diary and you will soon find plenty of people to ramble on to and get lot's of things off your chest (we all love a good natter) then you will find you can put your mind to the other problem of losing weight with much more zeal!

Have a go - looking forward to reading all about you and your progress as well....:)


this time - the last time
After having this feeling and failing badly yesterday - the only advice I can give you is this.......

......I didn't enjoy it. Not even for a second. My goals have already moved further away. And for nothing. Even if I got the moment of pleasure I was craving (which never came) it would not have been enough to offset how badly I felt both mentally and physically today.

Keep your goals in focus. You can be successful.
Not sure if you've done this, but it works for me! Take a pic of yourself in your underwear then when you feel like having a binge, look at the picture. Stops me in my tracks every time! Good Luck lovie, you CAN do it :) x


I ate my willpower!
I am going away for the weekend and before I would see that as an excuse to eat whatever I like. This time I am going to be a lot more cautious with my food choices. The only really bad thing I will be having is a MaccyD's breakfast, but before I would have a double sausage and edd mcmuffin meal with hash browns, this time I will have the big breakfast and have the scrambled egg with the sausage and no hash browns.

I will also be avoiding the cream teas like the plague. xx

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