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I'm feeling a failiure!

:( I feel lost with my diet. After a busy and stressful week i have done barely and exercise and i have stopped counting points on WW. I was trying to do the old plan as i have all the books but i just lost the plot this week and all my motivation has gone:(

I was looking at my old ww card from last year when i was going to the meetings, when i have started my diet this time i am a stone heavier, because i have just eaten what the hell i like!
So a few weeks ago i was at my biggest, despite losing 5.5 pounds so far i still feel that i am going nowhere fast.
I just really don't know where i am going to find the inspiration to go on!
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Hun, weight loss is a journey and likely every journey it has ups and downs.

Make a list about the things you know that will improve during this jouney such as: being healthier, learning ways to eat better, feeling more energetic, etc etc etc.
Taking pics once a month can also motivate because you'll want to see progress on the next pic.

But do you know what will motivate you more? Trust yourself hun. You're not a failure, you're a brave person who's here looking for advice and it shows you don't want to give up, instead you're trying to find a way to keep trying.

But you really need to trust yourself; you're a kind person, you're beautiful and you're strong :)

The best thing to do is take each day at a time, don't think about yesterday, or tomorrow, just focus on today. And what I find helpful is not to think of it as a diet, just think that this is how everyone healthy eats, and your just taking some time to adjust to it, but eventually you won't struggle with it, its just about breaking habbits!
It's also good to have a support system who are really strict and nice, family and friends need to help with this too, and good to talk to! And keep looking on here at people who are doing really well and think that you will be one of these.
To make things easier it might be a good idea to make lots of smaller goals, you could make your goal half a stone, then when you reach that you will feel like you accomplished something, and so on.
Good luck, nothing that was ever worth having was easy to achieve x
Know where u r coming from. I'm lacking in motivation this weekend. Been good most of the week (my weigh in is Tuesday night) but my kids been ill and it's been really hard work and my motivation has been really flagging.

Keep at it as you will notice a difference and will start to feel better. The odd bad day/week is bound to happen and that's ok as long as overall we're getting where we want to be!


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heh i dont want to annoy you but maybe you should give yourself a kick up the ... have will power - but its not easy i know
The hardest thing is to think right, I messed up yesterday but today is a new day, and I can do this! It is so easy to think I have blown it and then is hard to get motivated again. I struggle with this too but we will get there. I am just restarting SW using my old books and this site. Treat every day as a new day with good intentions. Good luck x