I'm feeling daunted already...


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Hello everyone,

I'm having my first LL session tonight - and I'm already slightly daunted by the thought of 100 days without food! Since monday i have cut back on all carbs apart from veggies, and I haven't had anything 'naughty' in order that I am as well prepared as possible.

I really fancy a chocolate bar though - do you think one chocolate bar will make me feel rubbish tomorrow?:confused:

I've been having major probs trying to up my water intake - i just dont think i can fit that much in me?!

I need to lose 5 stone. I am getting married in December so hopefully this will prove to be the ultimate motivation. Currently I dislike my body so much that the thought of going wedding dress shopping is filling me with fear - but i have written out my 100 day countdown in my diary and when i finish the days I'm off dress shopping - even if i have a little more to lose hopefully I will be happier and enjoy the experience. I'm making the date with my bridesmaids now!

Any tips anyone can give me about getting the lumps out of the shakes etc will be greatfully received - I'm a real 'texture' person when it comes to food and I wouldn't be able to stomach a lumpy milkshake!:eek:

Wish me luck - i think the support on here is fantastic and I hope to be posting as much as work will allow in future!

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Hello and welcome!

I'm a newbie too (only on Day Nine) but will help all I can.

I've found the best way to get the lumps out of the soups and shakes is with a stick blender. I have a good one at home, and I bought a cheapy to keep in the office. The cheapy isn't as good as the good one, but it does the job.

I also find that I get better results if I add the powder to the water, rather pouring the water on top of the powder.

Personally, I had a bit of trouble with my 'number 2s' for the first few days so bought a tub of pysillium husks. Have a tsp in every soup and shake, and it's working well! I have found the best results with it are if I blend the soup/shake first, then add the husks and give it a very quick whizz. Stops them going too gluey.

As for water, I've found it easier than I thought. Drink a small bottle each way on the commute, and keep it on the go throughout the day.

If I were you, I'd go for that chocolate bar!! I had good intentions of upping the water and reducing the carbs before I started but it didn't happen!

Incidentally, I'm also getting married soon (June) and refuse to go shopping til I'm at least most of the way through my hundred days. And until a month ago, was a Reading girl!


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Hi I got myself a hand blender from argos for about a fiver, though I only whizz it until the lumps are gone as I dont like them to frothy.....Also having your water chilled makes them taste better....I keep a 2 litre bottle in the fridge and keep refilling it.
Good luck for tonight if you need help just post on this site and someone will be along to help you.x


Hey there....

100 days will absolutely fly by... just get through the initial week or if you are one of the lucky ones... first 3-4 days and you will be flying!!!

I know it sounds daunting not eating for 100 days but believe me it does go soooo fast and you will be delighted on ur wedding day!!!!

Keep in touch and I for one am dying to see how ya get on


Gen xxx


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Thanks so much for your replies already!

I'm glad there are other brides on here - nice to share a goal. Can I ask what your other halves/finances think of the program?

I'm very glad im starting LL now, that way I'm not crash dieting right at the end as i always knew i would be. I feel in control for once - i think i feel better because im at least doing something about my weight instead of worrying about it!

Also, what are the best flavours out there on LL? I know each to their own but guidance would be good!


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My other half was really sceptical at first, but he came around to the idea when I said I was determined and he could see how upset I am about my weight gain.

So far it's been ok. In fact, just by us not eating out, getting takeaways, opening the wine, I think he's losing a bit of weight too :)

As for favourite flavours, each to their own, but I hated the caramel shake but like the others, vanilla, chocolate and raspberry - just don't expect any of them to taste especially like their names suggest.

The soups, I like the veg, mushroom and Thai chilli.

The bars I mostly loathe. The nut is vile. The lemon and fruit and toffee have a 'white chocolate' coating which I find slimy and nasty. However, I find the toffee palateable. They can but cut up and microwaved into 'biscuits' which might make them nicer, but I've not tried yet.


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My husband found it a little uncomfortable eating in front of me at the beginning as he felt sort of guilty but now he is fine.

He is my biggest supporter:D

You will find the 100 days passes quickly!!

Drinking a half glass of water before taking your milkshake will help with the taste....the taste does get better.

Increase your water as you go. Water is important as you have to replace the water you would normally get from your food.

Four pints a day plus the water used to mix your milkshakes is the minimum.

You will find that your skin is lovely on this diet and that your eyes sparkle:D

Take it one day at a time and set yourself mini goals which are achievable.

Best of luck on your diet journey.

Love Mini xxx


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:wave_cry: Hello Slimbride!
Welcome to the site. It really does get better.
I'm on Day 18 and it has gone quite quickly. It's just the first week that seems to drag. I'm already thinking that when I get into Day 25 I'll already be quarter of the way there. So, chop it into quarters and you may not seem quite so daunted. It's too late now, but try and get at least one of each flavour because everyone is different. I think it's general knowledge though that the Nut Crunch is disgusting! Who knows you may like it.
Good luck and once you are past your 3-4 day you will start to feel better, so hang in there!


I'm halfway through week 13 and have just hit the 4 stone mark .... That's 4 stone in less than 100 days and just 7lbs to go now!
Just think of those wedding photographs!
The time will fly - just try not to think about it too much and enjoy the compliments as you transform infront of everyone around you!
All the best,

Fuzzys Angel

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100 days will fly be in no time, i'm now on day 91 went all through the xmas period and it hardly seem like yesterday that i started. Haven't really missed food much at all, i'd be lying if i said there wasn't the odd day i fancy something different to the packs but getting slim is more important to me than food......

The only thing i have really missed and the first thing i will have when i'm on mangement is a lovely cup of tea with MILK....

Good luck honey and welcome to lighterliife and the boards.



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Thanks for all your support!

The meeting was really great - It was a bit encouraging as I was one of the smaller ones there and it does put my weight loss journey into perspective!

I had a vanilla shake this morning - used my electric whisk and there was not a lump in sight! I've also treated myself to the drinks favouring to spice things up a bit!

Oooh and i get to have a lemon bar today too - very exciting!

Feeling very positive about the whole thing - 2 ladies in my group lost over a stone in a week!:)

I'll post after the weekend - it is my engagement party sat night so wish me luck - any tips on staying away from the buffet?!



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:wave_cry: Hiya Slimbride,

Just be careful going in hoping that you may lose 1 stone this week. There aren't many people who lose that much in a week, so don't get your hopes up otherwise you will be disappointed by what you do lose. I lost 5lbs in my first week and did everything exactly by the book. Just remember that by the end of the month you will have lost about 1 stone however you get there.

Good luck at the buffet. Just drink lots of water. Maybe buy yourself some sparkling and put it in a wine glass with a bit of water flavouring.


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I started the Lighterlife programme on Monday 22nd January 2007. Yesterday it started to get easier, still feel hungry sometimes but i can deal with it better now. I came off the shakes completely as i couldn't bear the taste of any, also the soups make it easier to drink the amount of water required.
This site is great for inspiration and i will keep you posted on how i get on.
Good luck everyone, stay strong
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