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I'm feeling disgusting and I want to stop :(


Peace Love Happiness
I just yelled at my bf. I have the worst backache and diarrhoea and I can't think straight.

This is really scaring me, I can't add up in my head at the moment and I'm struggling to type.

I've been looking a SW and wondering if I should do that, I'm just really struggling and hating this right now.
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It does get much much much much easier.

My advice is to just relax and you'll be absolutely fine.



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I agree with Mike. It does get easier. The first week is really tough. Just get glugging the water and stick to it. You'll not regret it come weigh in. I promise hun.x
hi, try and focus to stay on this diet, this is the only diet around that works!!! really i know about the diarrhoea thing, i had it for three weeks but it was my body getting rid of the crap!

Try and chill out please and stick with it...its only your first week!
Hey babe,

Everyone is right - it does get easier! You are probably feeling a little stressed because you are used to turning to food to make you feel better and as you cant do that you head is freaking out!

I would definitley recommend you start going for walks, having nice baths and pamper sessions, listening to your favourite happy tunes, and doing some virtual online shopping (fill shopping carts full of all the lovely clothes you want to wear when you get to goal!)

Keep focused on the end result, but take it day at a time and really make the most of this opportunity to find new ways to relax and enjoy yourself without turning to food. It is a great process to go through and you will get long lasting results.

Stay cool, stay focused and stay happy.... the future is bright you know! And doing LT is just the best way to get there! :)



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Fab post as usual Julz!! xx
Hi hun, I can only agree with everybody. IT REALLY DOES GET BETTER! I was told that putting your shakes close together can upset your stomach. But i am not sure but it could be worth looking at.

Goodluck and stay focussed i am sure your bf is ok with you shouting at him.. we all do that at times. xxxx


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Don't give up Liberty Girl as Mike and a few others have said it does get a lot easier, And there is no better diet in my opinion...It is hard but will get much better, Then you will be smiling as the pounds drop off you..Keep up with it sweetie :):)


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Thanks everyone, I do feel like hell, and it freaks me out to not be able to think properly and I keep fantasising about food.

I can't live like this...:break_diet:
maybe your not in the right frame of mind to start this yet...
when i was thinking about starting, the money cost really put me off (as its expensive here in n-ireland)... i posted my worries and fears on this site and a lot of good people came up with good advice.
I just wish i started this program earlier, it really does change your life FOR THE BETTER, trust me, i've done every diet on this earth, this is the only one has worked for me.
Yes you need to be determined to succeed, but after your first week and when you hear how much you have lossed, it drives you on week to week.

Hope this helps awee bit, but i know now, FOOD IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!!!!


a new way of living!
i had exactly the same, i hated it and felt really ill. i basically took to bed for a week!

and you know what? after 8 weeks i have gone from (by home scales, wi tomorrow) 12st 4.5 lbs to 10st 7lbs!!

the start is hell, lets face it, but you will lose weight and feel fab in no time like the rest of us.

stick with it, you dont have to 'live like this' you jusy have to get through it for a few weeks, and then live - enjoying being slim and healthy


Is thinking positive!
Thanks everyone, I do feel like hell, and it freaks me out to not be able to think properly and I keep fantasising about food.

I can't live like this...:break_diet:
I know how you feel, Just imagine how you will feel when you reach you're dream weight, How good you will look..All the compliments you will get, No diet is easy...And the first week on LP is so hard, I am on week 5 and believe me I have more energy, I have a spring in my step, I no longer feel hungry that was shortly after week 1...I can see my goal and I want to reach it so bad, But you have to want it because only you can do this, I advise that you stick to it for a few more days and then see how things are then, Don't give up sweetie it really does get easier, But to be honest it is totally up to you :):)

Good luck Liberty Girl whatever you decide to do! X


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Thanks you are right food is not my friend, I guess without it I realise how big it is in my life and that is sad.:(

Msblonde, you're very inspirational, you've done so well, maybe I do need to just keep going, and stop trying to do very much just relax.

Big hugs
That is definitely what you need to do hun. It is quite a bitter pill to swallow when we realise just how much we turned to food over everything, be it happy or sad, but if you can stick it out for the next few days until you get to your first WI you will feel so much better.

Try some distractions honey, baths, walks, read a good book, watch your favourite DVD, make up with the boyfriend ;) - anything that takes your mind away from eating.


a new way of living!
oh i felt that so much too, food seemed to define me, as well as wine! and without it i felt purposeless and empty. now i feel happy, knowing who i am becomimg rather than just being the fatty with a chocolate mouse and a red wine.

signed up for 2 open university courses too, psychology and counselling. think freely about what you want out of life and dare to dream again.

as tony robbins motivational guru says, 'the only thing standing between you and what you want from your life, is the story you keep telling yourself of why you cant have it!'

write your own script, on your terms.

brilliant post msblonde!

liberty i am also 5ft 2" and my start weight was half a stone more than yours....i have done this diet for 10 weeks now and yesterday i fitted into size 12 clothes!!! YOU CAN TOO

I know you feel terrible right now - we have all been there - and we are here for you - come on here and moan as much as you like....dont let the food demon win - EVER AGAIN!!!!

You are in charge of your own body - you decide what goes into your mouth - you make the choices to change - CHOOSE TO STICK WITH IT

I promise in a couple of days you will feel so much better....the runs will subside - if you think about all the discomfort u are going though as penance for the crap that you were eating before - and know your body is ridding itself of all that junk - maybe that will spur you on.

Stick with it hun - YOU DESERVE TO LOOK AS AMAZING ON THE OUTSIDE AS YOU ARE ON THE INSIDE - LT is the way to acheive it

big hugsssssssssssssssssssssss


I will do this!!!
I was on SW for 6 months and lost a total of....wait for it.....3lbs!!!! so far iv lost 18.5lbs in 3 weeks. It gets so much easier i promise. Go have a bath, read a good book and relax :)
Liberty, you have made the hardest decision, that you have to do something about your weight and have started LT. Do you think you could do me a favour? Now you have paid your money, stick with it for the rest of the week, it's only about 3 days till your first WI. Do you think you could manage it? I'll help you as much as I can. PM me if you want to. Add me to MSN. I've had so much support during my journey I would be happy to help you. If, after your first WI, you still feel cr*p then you know you have given it a go - although most people find by then they are so hyped they are ready to give it another week.

I hope you do decide to stick with it.

Good luck hun.

Hey Liberty Girl...

I echo what everyone else says.... it's worth it.... just keep going x x About your upset tummy... have u thought about halving the packs... and watering them down more???

Good Luck hun x


Peace Love Happiness

Thanks everyone, you are just amazing. Thanks for talking me back, it really did help!

My bf gave me a massage - I probably didn't deserve it after the shouting/swearing I did, listened to some lovely music while he did it, then wrapped a very good friend's 50th birthday present.

So, Day 5 almost done!

And big hugs and thanks to you all!!!!