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I'm finding it hard...


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I've done CD and managed to maintain somewhat the weight loss so far. I've been trying south beach and general low carbing for the last few months but came off it for a bit after exams and holiday.

I'm now trying hard to lose my final 20lbs low carbing i.e south beach and finding it so difficult to stay on track. I even had a goal to at least be down a dress size by the time my birthday came around (its in 2 weeks).

Anyway, just thought I would introduce myself. I'm finding the posts really helpful so hopefully with your support I can achieve my goals. I've already had some carb intake so far today so will start afresh tomorrow.

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Hi D and welcome love. Stick with it, I know it can be hard but the results are worth it. :)


This is really the time!
I was very much like you. But stepping on my scales last week and seeing figures I did not like spurred my on. And, sticking to my plan (which has been more like Atkins than Charles Clark, I have to admit lol), I have lost the craving for carbs. I can pass biscuits, cakes and bread and leave them. They were my downfall before. So, what I am saying is, if you take one day at a time, it wont be so daunting...Then after a few days you will suddenly realise you can do it and your tastes will have been changing without you knowing it.

One more thing is, I keep telling myself that if I cheat it will undo every good day I have had. Simply, because I will get the carb taste back. And thats something I don't want!lol

Sorry to go on! Good luck!
There is nothing worse than continually losing the same pounds is there.


This is really the time!
You are so right Jim!! I have seen the same pounds soooo many times! This is the last time I want to see them!
That's the attitude Sophs.


This is really the time!
Thanks!! I look at your 12 stone loss (I have told everyone about you lol) and know it is possible!

How long did it take you to lose it?
Fluff and jim, I know what it feels like losing the same weight over and over again. I've been there and done that. This is it for me, I'm keeping the weight off. I have all the knowledge and this forum to keep me going..

devans hang in there it does work. It will come off dont give up..
That's the attitude morenachica,

Sophs, It took a long time love. I was on Atkins induction for 6 months, losing between 2 - 3 lbs most weeks with the odd whooshie of 5 or 6lbs occasionally. I never could figure out what caused those, but hey they were welcome. I stayed in OWL loosing 1 - 2lbs a week for about 4 years, until I was about a stone from target. I moved into pre maint then adding approx 5 carbs a month for about a year loosing very small amounts, that took me to mid 2006 at which point I moved into pre maint at about 45 carbs a day. Once I had reached a couple of pounds under target late 2006. I went into maintenance and have been there ever since. I'm still very carb conscious though, and sometimes move back into induction without realising it, then I get to skinny and my missus gives me hell. Nice position to be in though. :D
lol jim the missus giving you hell for being too skinny..

I'm determined this time to keep the weight off. When I lost the weight before I honestly did not know how to do maintence and etc.. this time I know how to do it and have forums like these to help me..
morenachica, if i get more than about 3lbs under 13 1/2 I do look scrawny somehow, Whilst I say I'm now the same weight I was in the Army, then it was all muscle and I was very toned. Cant say that now, my abs have headed south and I have moobs. LOL, only small ones but I can't seem to shift them at all. PMSL.
LOL at Jim... moobs LOL well the most important thing is that you are healthly. sometimes it's like that. I'd love to have more muscle tone in my legs and defintion. my abs have definition and muscle tone even when I was bigger. all my weight general goes around my butt and thigh areas. for example I have a 27 inch waist and 41 inch hips.. even when I was 120 pounds my waist was a 24 and hips maybe 37/38 such a big difference. so I never look scrawny or anything when I'm smaller


This is really the time!
Sounds like you did it the sensible correct way Jim....and 3 years maintaining is amazing! I bet those small moobs are a worthwhile trade off!lol
well at 60 I'm never going to be that 22 year old hunk again am I love. :)


This is really the time!
True...but I bet your wife has loved your body at all stages :) other than when you are too skinny lol
lol jim.. well you can be a 60 yr old hunk :)

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