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Im full of questions!

Hi all! im full of questions and as im not able to start ww untill my 6 week check im hoping some of you may be able to shed some light so i can be as prepared as possible when its time to start shifting these lbs!

so, Q no1. I believe i get 12 extra propoints if i nurse, can anyone tell me whether this depends on if im soley breastfeeding or if i'm combi feeding? Obviously i have no idea how this is going to go, but i have yet to decide if im going to do online or a group and it doesnt give much info unless your already signed up, which is pointless as i cant begin the plan untill iv popped and am ok at 6wk check.

no2.. do i need to get batteries for my scales :D lol

no3.. is anyone else a new mummy with any tips?

no4.. what kind of weight losses weekly would someone under the 200lb mark expect weekly, and if anyone should know- does breastfeeding seem to help this despite the extra points?

no5.. how do you use your weekly point allowance (not your dailey) .. do you use them at all, use them dailey ontop of your dailey allowance, or for weekends? and how does this affect your losses?

no6.... based on these predicted stats at 6wk check what would you say my daily allowance is likley to be? .. female (obviously!) 5'2, and 13st?

no7.. final q i promise.. would you suggest a group or online membership? xxxx
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First of all, congrats on the little one! I'm afraid I can't help much on most questions but I think the minimum points is 29 and that's what I've always been on (5ft 2 - 11st 12 when I started) but then you'd obviously add your nursing points on.

As for the weekly allowance, some weeks I'll not use them at all and some I'll have a massive blow out one day (usually on a Chinese) and some I'll just go slightly over a couple of nights (usually on garlic bread!) - I love how flexible it is!


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I would personally suggest going to a class. They'll give you all of the info you need there re points and breastfeeding. Normal weightlosses are between 0.5 to 2lbs a week. Heavier people *can* lose more but its not a guarantee. Even at that I know very few people who can maintain a loss of 2lbs a week, every single week. Use weeklies whatever way you like but its advised to not use them all at one go the day before your weigh in... :p

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