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I know its not really the most positive thread... but I feel pretty bored of slimfast...
I really wanted a hot cross bun today and felt so guilty.
Its ridiculous, they're not that calorific but cos its not slimfast I feel guilty.
I wanna start doing weight watchers as it worked for me b4, and having shifted 11lb so far I want more freedom, but still have a regime to stick too...
I did consider sticking with it thru the last 9lb but I am already getting bored and don't want to lose motivation...
And I stocked up on the tesco special offer so have tonnes of the stuff to get thru. Its not like I only have a weeks worth left so then can change to W.W next week.

Has anyone else felt like this? I just fancy a soup at lunch that doesn't taste like the pants S.F one, and don't wanna cheat and not do s.f properly, but the shakes are cold and I don't like the choc ones so making that into a hot choc isn't that appealing.

Oh dear :eek:(
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Well Maybe mix it up. A shake for breakfast. For lunch had a soup. The shakes have 220 calories, so something of the same amount of calories for lunch. Thn your 600 calorie meal in the evening.

There are a lot of tasty soups that are not slim fast, that have around 200 calories. Heinz do a amazing tomato soup. Also Tesco and other shops do low calorie soups.

If you decide to do weight watchers, this is great too.
It does not sound like you have loads to loose, and weight watchers is something that teaches you how to change your eating habits


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Hey Sacha, sorry you are having a hard time and feeling restricted (what's a hot cross bun anyways?!)

It's hard when you feel restricted, but in the same token, not being restricted is what has gotten us into this mess in the first place, isn't it? One of the reasons why I chose SlimFast in the first place is A) Convenience, and B) it's mindless.

Being a single mommy, I don't have time to cook.. let alone cook separate meals for my daughter....I don't have time to do anything but wake up, get ready for work, get her ready for school, go to work, pick her up from school, then dinner, bath, some playtime and bed. So I really needed something that took guess work out of everything. In diets that I've been on before, having the options made it easier for me to cheat. Too much though, and I dunno.. grabbing a shake is it. I can't falter too much there.

So it is up to you. Learning how to eat properly IS important. So weight watchers can be good for you. But will it fit your lifestyle and everything that you need in order to succeed at your weight loss goals? It's important to have the right tools. Recognize what is good for you, or if you might be rationalizing due to food boredom.

Let us know what you'd like to do, and if you do want to cross over to the other side (lol!) make sure you stop by in here and visit us sometime! :)



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I know how you feel i'd like to shift this last 14ibs but losing the motivation on SF and also thinking of WW. You could possibly post a thread to sell the SF products you have, Look how a few of us are quite near each other! The good thing is if you go onto WW your'll still get all the support of mini mins. Good luck with whatever you decide.
Hayley :O)

I some times have a tin of weightwatchers soup for lunch instead of the bar, they are not bad at all. I also make really low cal soups, mushroom or red pepper which are a nice savoury change.

These work out at about 100 cals so leaving me with enough for a glass of wine.
I agree it does all seem so endless but it will so be worth it in the end.



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Ive been feeling the same after over 3 months of slimfast so have been having either a weight watcher soup for lunch or cereal in the morning and just replacing one meal a day with slimfast. I was on a bit of a plateau before and lost 2 lbs last week after the change so hopefully got the weight loss going again. x


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I was just having the milkshakes or the smoothies and I was getting so bored. I didn't loose a single pound in January and I swapped to the meal bars and last week I lost 10lb.

I think when you're on SF it is so easy to get bored with it, you have to make sure you change things around as much as possible.

Also, if I really really want something I will have it, then I work out what exercise I need to do in order to get rid of the calories. As I am basically a lazy person the idea of having to swim for over an hour just to have some pizza is toomuch for me. :8855:
Aw thanks for all your support everyone!
I have tried the soups but don't like them. I think about having another soup under the 200kclas that a shake is but then I feel I am cheating, and think why am I forcing myself to eat a whacking great 200kcal breakfast bar, when a Special K 100kcal one would do! Then I could have soup and a low kcal meal and still be good!

Ohhh I hate this feeling lol!
I want to do one diet or the other, I am so anal that I have to stick to something rigidly or I lose motivation. The shakes are soooooo easy! But I am bored at the weekend. I wonder why I am saying no to a flaming salad and then going for a shake which I don't want but has loads more kcals in.

Re selling my slimfast... I guess I could...!

I have probably a months worth! Wouldn't know how much to flog it all for tho! I have about 6 smoothies, 5 boxes of cereal bars, about 40 shakes (eek!) and prob about 20 snack bars and a few bag of snacks. I feel like I'm giving up tho. God... issues!! Lol!

Thanks again for ur support guys. I have stiull stuck to it today, and am going to the gym tonight but I am getting bored of saying no at the weekends. Especially when I am having more kcals in a shake than a salad, and the salad is what Im saying no to. I am still losing weight, accept this week cos I had pizza! But I only have another 9lb to lose. I lost 2 stone on weight watchers before but gradually put it bk on by being lazy and eating too much crap. It has taught me portion sizes etc but I can easily slip off the wagon and after years of not caring I have let it catch up with me again :eek:(


What doesn't kill me.....
Sacha, from your avatar, you look great! 9 lbs (I think I saw that somewhere?) is not that giant of a deal... and maybe what you should do is just replace one meal? Ok, so maybe you won't loose 2 lbs a week... but it's better than constantly thinking about food and then bingeing when you break?

No one has told me what a hot cross bun is yet! Little translation pleeease! lol



Is feeling the love!
Sacha, from your avatar, you look great! 9 lbs (I think I saw that somewhere?) is not that giant of a deal... and maybe what you should do is just replace one meal? Ok, so maybe you won't loose 2 lbs a week... but it's better than constantly thinking about food and then bingeing when you break?
No one has told me what a hot cross bun is yet! Little translation pleeease! lol

Lol a hot cross bun is a currant bun with a cross on the top of it which we eat at Easter. They do have a religious meaning but I don't know what it is. All I know is they are lovely and yummy and they smell fantastic and they are really nice ...oh did I say how nice they are??:8855::8855: I love them!!


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Hi sacha

I for one totally agree with you, it would be so nice to have something nice for breakfast or for lunch. I say treat yourself to that hot cross but, i shop in sainsbury's and they smelt soooo yummy in there the other day.

Seems as you only have 9lbs to go i would perhaps start to eat a healthy diet without the shakes but maybe use up your supply as and when you want, for convenience maybe, i think they keep for a long time which is good.

You have done so well so far and a little bit of boredom now and again is to be expect on diets like this.

Good Luck with what ever you plan to do next.
Thanks everyone! Hot cross buns have summit do with easter and jesus ont he cross...

All in all they're yummy buns with currents in!
Well I had half on sat and half on sunday! Whilst my other half had 2 with cheese and butter on!!


What doesn't kill me.....
Hmm... I don't think you can get those here..... I feel left out. :'(

..Cause I really needed one, right? LOL!



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Hey, Just a suggestion, but if weekends is when you struggle with slimfast why not do the healthy salad and low cal soup?? It's not like you are going out on a major blow out. As long as you stick to the daily calories of slimfast you should still lose. I did weight watchers for few weeks last year, but found the constant point counting bored me more than the slimfast shakes lol and came back to slimfast. I always crave Starbucks at weekends lol, so always have that instead of a shake. I know it's only a coffee but the coffee flavour shake just isn't the same :eek:
small Skinny latte with sugar free hazelnut syrup... only about 3 points...!
I'm cold at work 2... fancy something else. I feel a bit like a kid who is learning to ride a bike. I wanna lose the S.F (stabalisers) and ween myself bk onto normal food so that its not so scary going from s.f to food when I'm at my goal weight. ..

I'm looking at my weight watcher books now and seriously considering it! But I have sooo much slimfast lol! I don't think ebay allows u to sell food... altho ppl do, I know they delete your ad and ban yur account if u break rules so don't wanna do that!!
Hello, Ive been feeling the same and only been on slim fast for 2 weeks lol! I love sandwiches and its been very tempting not to make one. Ive been eating the tesco lighter choice soup for lunch as they have less calories than the shakes. Ive been finding it really hard to drink enough water though!


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