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I'm going to be slim @ 40!!lol


Likes to change diets...
Lol! How many times have I said in the last 2 months that Im going to start tomorrow??

Well started Atkins today as I need food!
I wish I could have got back in to using packs for food to lose the weight but I fell off the wagon when on LL and getting back 'in the zone' is very hard...hence my brief spell with Exante:))

Brunch today has been prawns, tuna,boiled egg and cup of lettuce mixed with mayo and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Dinner will be cheese omlette with cup of lettuce and a little cucumber

Have got headache already so going to pop couple of paracetamol

Had some really wonderful/emotional/happy/sad moments on LL and I hope I can stick with losing weight as I dont want to put on all the weight I had lost. Got down to 12st 8lbs when I went on hoilday in october 2010 ( Combination of LL, Exante, low carb ).
My original starting weight June 2010 was 16st 10lbs...bloody mahoosive and I dont want to get that weighty again....and what a waste of money...(15wks on LL @£70 p/w plus 1 pot of drink mix @ £9 = £1185)....if i put all the weight back on:(((

So this is the start to getting down to a size 10/12 for summer but hopefully looking a great deal better for the end of April for my big 40!!! eeekkkk!!
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Likes to change diets...
Thanks Joanne:)

Lol...you have made me feel a lot better pointing out the fact you have 3 years till your 40!!!...oh well comes to us all!!

Amazing weight loss by the way:)


This is for life
Hi sorcha and welcome :)

I seem to have missed the 40 deadline somewhere lol but still think that this is the place to be :D


A thin person in disguise
Hey Sorcha,

I too felt off the wagon having put all my weight back on after LL. I tried to hard to lose weight with the packs but I couldn't get back on the zone. I dare not calculate the money I spent getting slim the first time and the attempts I made last year. :cry:I have started looking a a thinner Rachie, and I have to be honest I looked hot!!! (modesty!!) :eek:

So dear sorcha I am with you on this journey. I am fed but of looking like a bloated whale/puffa fish and I want the slim Rachie within to explode on the dancefloor when I am on target (think priscilla mixed with saturday night fever!!)

Thank you for starting a diary. i shall be an avid follower and traveller on this journey.

Hope you are having a fab morning and look forward to another instalment of your diary:bliss: xx
Hi sorcha
I am in the same boat. I will hit the big 40 next year and dont want to be this size then. I have spent alot as well on LT and CD and lost 4st but since my lightest have put on a 1 1/2 stone which is terrible.
We will succeed with the help of this forum and its fab peeps.


Likes to change diets...
So, half way through day 2 and all good....except the headache!! Ouchy!! Never mind at least I know Im getting rid of crappy carbs from my body:)

Hi Rachieb...you keep that picture of the thinner you in your head and you WILL get there!!! It makes you ooozze with confidence when you start to lose weight...just remember that when you have a down day, thats what Im trying to do !!
julz4gbr...we will be fab @ 40!!!lol...Good luck everyone
Have written down what I have eaten today in 'What are you eating' thread and dont want to repeat it here!

Feel soo full which is great!!

Lipolysis....the fat burning state I wish to be in and ketones the by-product of burning all that F.A.T...

Top of the class for reading me Atkins bible:)!!

Ooh and forgot to add...bought some linseed and a grinder to make some MiM's...looking forward to that tomoz!
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Likes to change diets...
Jim....your before and after photos are Brilliant!! You really are half the man you used to be:)


This is for life
Hi Sorcha, glad to hear you are well into day 2. Hope the headache lifts soon :)


Likes to change diets...
Had a lovely meal out last night with my DD:)

Had ballentine of chicken stuffed with mushroom with a cream and wild mushroom sauce, red cabbage, broccoli and leeks. No pots!!
Probably not too good on the carb front as i also had a small glass of pinot!! ooopps...not good on the first week but did enjoy it a lot....beats food packs any day and ok, I might not get he 4 to 5lb losses i was getting with LL but I am EATING and eating healthy food and hoping for 2-3lb losses a week.

Going to stick to mainly proteins today as I figured I must have gone over 20g of carbs:) Will be drinking 3 plus litres of water also and taking paracetamol to ease headache:)


This is for life
Morning Sorcha:)
Glad you enjoyed dinner - agree i am also recognising that i might not get mega losses if i go out a lot but this is life and we have to live it - so slow and steady for me:)


This is for life
rosebug said:
What are you talking about Katie, you're a social butterfly and your losses have been fab. I'm starting to feel I need more of a social life to shift mine!
Well I do like eating and drinking with friends - which probably explains why i've never seriously dieted before and also why i need to lol. TG for atkins :D


Likes to change diets...
Had a headache all day and feel pretty rough!! Oh well, hope to feel better tomorrow:)

Made a mim...well sort of souffle/muffin as didnt have any baking powder ( just whipped egg white and folded it into ground linseed/egg yolk/ounce of stilton and 3 tbs of soy milk, salt and lots of pepper )....OMG...lush!! Will be making again for sure as very filling!


This is for life
Morning Sorcha, hope you are having a good weekend :)


Likes to change diets...
Hi kat1e:D Im having a great weekend so far...hope you are too?

I feel really great today! After having some seriously bad headaches for the last 4 days, today I woke up feeling like I could take on the world!!! Probably couldn't but did feel like it!:D

Bought some ketostix while on LL and peed on one this morning and it was light pink! Woop woop, Im producing ketones which is good news as i must be burning F A T!!

Have stopped myself from stepping on scales as i was a seriel scale hopper when on packs and atkins is soo different for me...I want to lose weight but I also want to eat. My stomach feels a little less bloated...which is good:D

Im looking forward to tonight as have no stroppy teenagers in the house and my lovely hubby ( well he is now...wouldn't have said that about him a few months back:)) is cooking for me...yumm! I know I shouldn't on induction but im having a couple of vodkas tonight...will drink plenty of water tomorrow tho!!

Wow I feel good! Took me nearly two weeks to get rid of heaaches when I started LL but on Atkins its only taken 4 days...and my appetite is decreasing.Looking forward to weigh -in on Tues:D