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Discussion in 'CD Weight Loss Diaries' started by Adorabubble72, 2 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Adorabubble72

    Adorabubble72 Member

    Hi everyone well I'm on Day 1 of SS and so far so good!!! My motivation is a holiday in Egypt in 12 weeks and I'm determined to lose 4 stone by then!!! I know that's really pushing it but aim for the stars that's what I say and I know if I am 100% on this I will get very close!!!!

    I've had my shakes have drunk 2 litres of water so far.. Have a bit of a headache but that's it.

    After watching in all my soaps I'm going to get to bed I think!!!

    I've read loads of diaries in here and it's my motivation, loads of you are doing so well!!!

    Anyway hope everyone is having a good day!!!!


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  3. Adorabubble72

    Adorabubble72 Member

    Day 2 woke up and weighed myself and already 6lb down omg in one day!!! Have a terrible headache went to bed at 9pm and woke up with it!!! Drinking loads of water so just need to go through the pain barrier I guess!!! Feeling very motivated and not hungry which is amazing!!! I lost 8 stone in 2010 on LL this is the first time I've managed a whole day on a VLCD since!!!! I feel like I did the first time I did it!!!! 1 day at a time!!!!
  4. Adorabubble72

    Adorabubble72 Member

    End of Day 2 still 100% but did struggle this pm. Distracted myself by looking at all the lovely dresses I'm going to buy :)
  5. Sophiesophs

    Sophiesophs Full Member

    That's a great idea! Virtual clothes shopping is a great tool to keep you going! You're doing really well, hopefully by tomorrow, Tuesday the latest it'll suddenly become easier! Keep going!!x
  6. Adorabubble72

    Adorabubble72 Member

    Thank you Sophie x I spent most of yesterday afternoon finding the perfect dress. The day before my holiday I am meeting an ex boyfriend (as a friend) who has only ever known me slim and I am determined to have shifted four stone before I seem him again and get into the dress I found yesterday :eek:
  7. Adorabubble72

    Adorabubble72 Member

    Day 3 feeling much better this morning. Haven't woken up with a headache or any hunger. Haven't even had my first shake yet!!! I've jumped on the scales again and I've lost 10lb in 2 days!!!! I'm totally amazed!!!! I maybe won't lose anymore this week now? But who knows??? I lost 10lb in my first week of LL and I'm lighter than I was then so was only expecting about 8lb!!!

    Feeling excited :p
  8. Adorabubble72

    Adorabubble72 Member

    Found this evening really hard but haven't faltered. Have read all the posts here, looked at diaries, virtual clothes shopping, looked at where I am going on holiday and had a bath. One shake left tonight x looking forward to waking up and seeing if any more lbs are gone!!! I know some people say don't weigh but I find it motivating... So whatever works right x
  9. misswilma14

    misswilma14 Full Member

    Hey :) wow your doing great! You seem very motivated, which is amazing, keep it up! And 10lbs in a few days?! Thats crazy! Don't worry, I weigh myself daily too, its so motivating seeing the scales go down daily than being a nervous wreck before WI :) apparently research shows people who weigh daily lose on average more weight anyway.. well, that's what secret eaters told me hehe. When's your WI? Good luck, looking forward to following your journey :)

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