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I'm going to start RTM on... (small amount of food talk)

27th of February.

I had been aiming for the end of feb to reach 13 and a half stone and it's all very doable. I am currently unsure that that will be as light as I can get but for my build it sounds good.

So I've decided to give myself that date as a target to aim for - or as of today, 107 days. I'll count down in this thread - maybe daily sometimes, weekly sometimes.

It probably sounds weird but I need a countdown as I have been thinking about food too much. Tonight I have started making a list of all the things I want to eat and telling myself that I can have them, starting the end of feb (but obviously will be doing RTM, so will just build the list for now . Might be playing with fire but I am hoping it reduces the cravings as I'm accepting I CAN have them, just not yet.

Interestingly most of my cravings are for savoury foods - whereas it's sweet food that actually did most of the damage, along with junk food (admittedly there is plenty of that on my list).

I'm not going to go mad when I finish - but having it on a list of "yes you cans" is helping a little.

The M&S adverts are the ones killing me just now!
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Fighting Demons....
The M&S adverts are the ones killing me just now!

Tell me about it! I was thinking the very same thing just yesterday!!

Anyway, will regards to RTM. Well done for making a decision. The last time I lost weight I did a similar thing, writing a list of food I was craving and saying I would have it when I got to such and such a date. Strange thing was, once I got to that date, I didn't want any of it!!

I have no idea when I will be going into RTM. I know it will be no later than end of July because I want to be able to eat normally when I am in Florida in October!!!

B x


Fighting Demons....
M&S Adverts! They should be banned! Perhaps we should start a petition!!

Oh, just reminds me of the days I lived in a hotel and I shopped only at M&S!!! Good times, good times!!

(And I wonder how I got so big!!!:D)

B x
In a way I'm glad it's not just me being affected by the M&S advets but sorry folks - they really are pretyt bad ain't they? Some of them are on myy list lol.

If I get to 27th of Feb and feel there is still some way to go, I will of course reset the countdown a little but I think it'll be good.

ooh, I wonder if there is a countdown ticker. That would be good. Maybe even one that would work on facebook
Thanks folks - countdown tickers to be added soon :) I even have a printout on my work wall to tick the days off.

I expect most of the foods I have in my list will not taste as I imagine and that is ok - it will be a good sign that food will have less power over me.

But anyway, I now have 106 days to go :D

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