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I'm gonna need all your help......

Hello everyone, my name is Jo and today if the first day of my Cambridge Diet SS and am really frightened to fail...

Over the last couple of years I have slowly gained two stone, I went from a 12 to 14 and I was happy, now my 14s are too small and I dread getting dressed, I feel like I was loosing myself and I have to re-gain some control.

I use hunger as a crutch and the thought of having it not there - well I just don't want to fail and I hope that you guys can help me and in return I will give you any support I can....

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Welcome to Mini's! You have come to the right place - we all struggle at some points but there is always some on hand to offer support. Cambridge is a fabulous diet and one where you will see results quickly to keep up your motivation. Good luck and don't forget to let us know how you are getting on! Vx
Hi Jo Welcome!

I'm on day 2 of SS. I have 2 stones to lose too. I hope I can support you and vice versa :). We can do this. I wish you the very best of luck and remember to drink that water!

jenn xx


Fed up of being fat
Hi Jo, welcome!!

Drink lots and keep posting/reading here, great people all on the same journey. You will have the weight off in no time.

Oh great that's wonderful - we can do this!!!!!

Do you have anything in particular your slimming towards, I want to be thin for March 01..... well thinner, am hungry now though but its 1.20 and I guess I better have that second shake ......
I agree with vicky! Welcome to minis, you're definately in the right place. We all lean on each other a lot, i wouldnt be here if it wasnt for this lot!

And thats not vodka i'm talking about, but the pure stuff, H2O! Lots of us aim for 4 litres at least - read the sticky at the top of the CD forum!

Come on minis for inpiration, motivation, and to release your demons. We've all got issues, and we all spill the beans and help each other along this bumpy road. Don't be shy, ask those questions you are dying to know the answer to, someone will have defo been there and done that.

Will watch your progress with interest hun! Welcome aboard xxxx
not really Jo. I do have a wedding in Aug in america so i guess I would like to be thin for that! ps Im starving too lol
So glad its not just me!!

Just gotta keep myself busy and break old habits, not looking forward to cooking my son dinner tonight, think may have to get hubby to do it!!

I'm drinking I'm drinking :tear_drop::tear_drop:
Hi Jojo - I'm only beginning ss today as well - tho I've done lipotrim very recently so I already know what I'm in for - I've started and failed before and this wee forum is the best - its actually how I met my CD counsellor lol and have now switched to the dark side. ANd btw - thanks for reminding me - I've left my bottle of water downstairs must go get it...

HI everyone, my names sam, and this is my 2nd day on the cambridge. 4yrs ago I weighed 13st 1lb, I went on the lighter life and lost 3st in 3 months, I was over the moon. :), Buying size 10 clothes was like a dream, but unfortunately over the last few years due to an illness, and having to go on steriods I put the weight back on and then some:cry:fitting in to size 16-18 is no fun, so now I weigh 13st 10lb, this being my 2nd day on the program I have lost 5lbs so far. I'm so determined to succeed this time, but I need all the help and encouragement I can get. So please do send in your encouragments. Thanks
You can do it Sam, lets make a thread on what we want to buy or fit into when we have lost our weight....

I am really looking forward to having to take only one size into the changing room, I am so fed up of having to take 3 sizes in LOL

I must admit, feeling rather weird on the diet, I'm drinking like there is no tomorrow, can't wait for my body to adjust to the diet and settle down...

Sam that 10lb will be off before you know it and your clothes will be looser for sure x


Hello to all you newbies! Just noticed a couple of you saying you are hungry and are onto the 2nd shake of the day...this can mean that it is a long time between your 2nd and third shake. I find that I have coped a lot better since splitting the shakes into two, having six smaller shakes has helped me keep hunger at bay. try it - you might be surprised! Good luck! Vx
Great idea its half three and this is my danger time, I always get hungry after walking the dogs and picking up my son, I am totally starving, my belly is rumbling like hell and the more water I drink the more I feel sick..... Would a black coffee help, as have only had water today?


Coffee always takes the edge off for me...but I think it effects everyone differently
Hi Jo

I feel just the same, today is day 1 of SS for me too. I feel hungry and miserable but like you I don't want to fail. I lost 5 1/2 stone in 2006 with WW and in 2007 I managed to put nearly 4 stone of that back on again.

Its good to know that I am not in this alone.

Good Luck x
Hi Jo :D

Well I have managed to put on more than 3 stones myself over the past 2 years :eek:. Fooled myself into believing that size 14 trousers were just smaller now than they were 2 years ago and now I am wearing size 18!!!!!!

Starting cambridge diet tommorow ..need to loose more than 4 stones and hoping to get into those size 14 jeans SOON :D

Good luck
Welcome Jo, Sammy and everyone else in the early days. Grit your teeth and hang in there as it really does get easier after the first week. You will soon be shrinking before your very eyes!


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