I'm happy!!!

I'm happy!! I've lost 5Ibs this week my 2nd week on 790. I had decided at the start of the week I'd be happy with 3, so I'm ecstatic! I had thought that I'd do 790 for a week or 2 and then go onto SS but I'm enjoying it so much and getting good losses, I've decided to carry on with what I'm doing.

It's been a tricky week too, with an engagement party on Friday night. Hubby and I watched everyone else tucking in to a huge buffet. We sat drinking sparkling water. We did treat ourselves to one diet coke and sneaked off to have CD bars, We also had a wedding exhibition on Sunday with a buffet put on for exhibitors. We just carried on working and ignored the buffet! Plus it's TOTM now for me so this is a time that I tend to comfort eat, so might be a difficult week for me. I have a bride in tonight too and I'll usually offer them a glass of wine and have one myself. I'll stick to coffee though!!

All in all I'm pleased with myself. I am actually starting to believe that I CAN do this.
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Well done you thats a brilliant loss!

Sounds like you have done so well with all your temptations in the week and you should be really proud of yourself.

Can't wait to hear your WI result next week :)
Thank you. You look like you're doing pretty well yourself!!!


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Well done tiara maker. Really good start.

790plan has near enough the same weight losses as SS ie usually a stone a month - but with the extra meal! and most people stay in ketosis with it.
Thanks Beverley, I was a bit worried about not getting good losses before but now i'm seeing it for myself I'm more than happy. I have stayed in ketosis so far and I have to admit, I have more veg than allowed, but sometimes less meat... and the odd diet coke (mostly zero coke). So I feel like I'm having a proper meal and my diet coke is my treat now.....Before It would have been crisps, chocolate, pizza......the list goes on. I do think that I've found something that works for me! Hubby is still being good too and is excited about being thin! well we both are!!


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Well done!

That is excellent news! 5lbs. is a very good result.

There is a couple of other members who are doing step 2 790 as well, I wonder how they are finding it:confused:

Love Mini xxx
Thanks Mini,
I worry about the fact that it IS called step 2. Is it supposed to be for people who have already done SS? or is it alright for me to carry on as I am? I wonder if there are people who have lost all their weight with 790? I still feel guilty about the fact I eat!


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Hey, that is great! I am SSing at the moment and in 3 weeks lost a stone. If it works for you girl, then carry on! I wish I could but I dare not as it might ruin what I have done already!


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Hi Tiara-Maker

That's brilliant, well done, great start, you're a great example to show that 790 is a fantastic plan in itself and really good for anyone who can't or doesn't want to totally give up food & SS.

Regarding the Step 2 - don't worry about that, each of the plans is a step in the Cambridge set of plans. So if you've been SSing, you come up the steps for your maintenance i.e. Step 1 - SS, Step 2 - 790, Step 3 1000 etc.

It's working for you and that's what matters. :)
Thank you all. I really appreciate all the support.



That is brilliant - well done - and I think people should follow whatever plan suits themselves cos we are all different.
I'm enjoying the AAM week and realised that I missed vegetables more than anything!!!!! Might consider 790 if I find it hard to go back to SS .... we'll see!
Thanks. I'm sure you'll have no problems getting back into SS. You're doing fantastically well so far by the looks of things. Glad you're enjoying your add a meal week. I love my veg too. I could actually quite happily forget the chicken and just have the veg!