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Im having a FAT day


A Girls Got 2 Do ...
Am I the only one ( I can't be) that has what I describe as 'fat' days ... where you just feel fat?.. i used to call them fat and ugly days but since having kids I aspire to different heights ( or lows) lol and if I can manage to find time to get my hair washed and a dab of mascara on then I am happy with that.
Dont know what it is, my diet plan is going well, - due for a weigh in but the Wii was playing silly beggers this morning so its got to wait ( pardon the pun) until tomorow morning now - and my clothes feel the same.. i just 'feel fat! Prob. a bit of a low self esteem day actually when I analyse it properly.. and thats another thing.. why is it that some mornings we wake up feeling that we could conquor the world and other mornings we wake up feeling conquored by the world lol
I can only put it down to hormones and a distinct lack of chocolate in my veins! ....
speaking of which, I am off for a Cadburys Highlight.. which truth be told isn't much of a highlight in life as highlights in life go, but its the only alternative I have to not going crazy and some poor soul finding me rocking in a corner, murmering a strange language whilst smeared in chocolate over my face whilst being surrounded by wrappers of the devils own food ( made at the cadburys factory)
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Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
Hi klare, ur post has made me chuckle...but hope you have a better day tomoro......!!
ps...ur def not alone with your feelings....lol!!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
You need a cuddle girl!! Lol.
I agree with you about fat days though..I have those regularly and Im sure that others on here will agree with you too!
The nice thing is though, if you have stuck to plan 100%, you will find that the scales should be in your favour, regardless of the feeling that you are having - that is unless you are on a * week and then thats just the pits! Lol

Good luck with weigh in!