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I'm having such a bad day!!!

:cry: :badmood: :raincloud: :help2: :needhug: :hitthefan: :doh: :banghead:

I am soooo depressed today, I feel like going to my fav all you can eat Chinese, and gorging my fat face full of c**p!

My daughter is on her school trip and I am missing her like crazy! Apart from that I don't really know why I feel so poopy?

I need comfort food, but I know I don't want it because I did so well I lost 19lbs in one week! I don't want to mess that up! I want to lose another 9lbs this week, a tall order I know but that would make it 2 stone in two weeks!!!

What can I do to stop myself from stuffing my pie hole full of comfort food?

Help me, Help me, Help me!!!
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Drink plenty of water, occupy yourself, go for a walk, paint your nails, write your life story on here ............... anything but eat!!!


Busy busy busy!!
S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
Just seen you are going on a holiday in September - where are you going??? Do some planning for it - learn the language if abroad!


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Write a list of your motivations for losing this weight.
Fitting into ......
So that I don't feel fat when I stand next to .....
So that I can .......
Not feeling self concious when I ........


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(((((((((wollop))))))))) all great advice from beverley. Only thing I can add is to just remember all the reasons why you started this journey............you are truly worth it
Oh hunny you sound so fed up. :hug99:

I can relate to that - despite the progress and determination there are moment when all you want to do is eat!

Did you read back over what your wrote? You have idenitified that it is comfort food you want - not food because you are really hungry. I think that's a big deal - you have identified what you need and it isn't really food, it's something to make you feel better.

So treat yourself....give yourself a mini facial, have a bubble bath, look at happy photographs, phone a friend for a chat or cuddle up with your duvet and a soppy film...anything at all that feels comforting and makes you happy.

You were fantastic last week and you know you can do this.

Chin up hun :patback:


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I Get Days Like This But Youve Got To Remeber The Reason Your Doing This And Think Of The Weight Youve Already Lost Do You Wanna Go And Blow It And Feel Cr%p For The Next Few Days Thats How I Goet Round It !!!!!!


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Wollop, I agree with everyone here. I had a day like this yesterday and I feel so much better today. Just think of what you have accomplished and keep that going and also set yourself mini goals to work towards.

I had a hot bath last night and I felt loads better after that.


I hope you feel better soon.



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I also find checking if im in ketosis helps coz that way i know the fat is burning and the weight is coming off why would i want to ruin that


somebody shrink me

I would say have a look on clothes websites and pick an outfit you will wear when you're the size you want to be, your dream outfit. Maybe even buy it as inspiration!!;) :D

I find a nap helps too as I really can't eat if I'm asleep!!

If all else fails I'd have a pack now, and if it meant needing to have one extra for the day to get through it then so be it- it's better than having food.

Keep at it, 19lbs in one week is a phenomenal loss!! :D :D
Well done on your losses so far hun... just want to stop by and give you hugs and support... the only thing i can say is this... eating will not make any of the lonely/depressed feelings go away... it might numb them for a while but then they will be back only twice as bad cos you will be feeling as if you have failed urself for giving in to them... if that makes sense???

Try to focus on your losses so far and seeing the scales down again on your next weigh in.... and of course your hols in september!!!!

:wavey: :thankyou: :thankyou: :thankyou: :grouphugg:

Hi there,

Thanks soooo much for your words of support and encouragement!

No I haven't been off stuffing my face, thank god. I took some advice and did a bit of thinking and looked on a few websites for motivation!

I feel a lot more in control now, and although I am still feeling very down, I am amazingly grateful for not feeding my face!

If I hadn't of came hear to sound off I would have had a very naughty Chinese buffet lunch! So a mega huge THANKYOU to all of you that have replied to my post, your words of wisdom have kept me on the straight and narrow!!!

I still want to eat food but I now want to lose that 9lbs this week much more than even the most tempting food in the world!

Wish me luck, I hope tomorrow will be a brighter day!


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Well done on staying strong:clap: :patback:

Love Mini xxx


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Hugs hun, i know how you're feeling right now. I'm sat here crying cos i'm so tired 3 out of 4 of my kids are poorly and i keep waiting for this energy increase to happen. I just feel so crappy at the mo. I want to succeed at this but today is a hard day and since starting this a day feels like a week.


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I started off feeling quite good this morning but I'm feeling a bit crappy now. It was my son's birthday cake that did it, there is sooooo much of it left and it makes me feel so :cry: to see it going to waste. I know I am not a dustbin, and deserve better than to be filled with rubbish but it's so hard to truly believe it.

I think I'm also feeling so low because I feel so sad that I let my chatterbox get the better of me. I got to 20 weeks pregnant having put on 14lbs, and then the next 3 weeks I gained 9lbs. With hindsight I can see that it was mostly water retention, but I just thought "sod it", and I did sod it, with style. And now the weight has triggered my post natal depression so I have that to deal with too.

I can't believe I'm here again, losing the same pounds again.

I am so glad I have minimins though, I would have fallen off the wagon already if it wasn't for you lot :grouphugg:

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