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im having such a down week


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last week i went out drinking 4 nights which of course took me over my syns but stuck to just vodka diet cokes and didnt go over my syns with food which resulted in a 3.5lb gain! i cant believe it i have never gained to much in a week before. i get weighed tomorrow and i just feel even fatter than before. i went out on saturday night too and have tried my best to pull back the rest of the week but im just feeling fat and miserable. i was doing soooooo well and having great losses but now i feel in self destruct mode. theres nothing in the house, i havent eaten anything today because we dont have anything in other than beans.

im worried because its my birthday coming up and were going out for a fab michelin star meal and i have 2 weeks off work which were hoping to go on holiday but havent booked anything yet. im worried ill be at square one once thats over :(

fed up
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Pick yourself up and dust yourself down and start again. Don't let a bad week, tarnish the week coming, its done with, you can't change what happened but you can change it from now, starting off by going and opening that tin of beans, cos starving yourself is just gonna make you feel worse and will do nothing for your metabolism.

Find the strength inside you to turn this around, it is possible.


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awwwww honey i can TOTALLY relate. i've had a brilliant session of weight loss since i've started SW and i went off kilter a bit in April. i put on 5lb one week!!!! i was like 'WTF?!' BUT, the following week (last week) i stuck to red days and i was away on my hen weekend so did drink a lot, but stuck to my red days too (and hardly any syns on the days i wasn't out celebrating) and i lost 8lb this week!!!!

bodies are strange things, i think you just need to stick to it and eventually you'll be back on track, don't beat yourself up x


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im just hoping i was bloated and it was water retention. i was expecting a gain, maybe 1lb but that was it!!


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Whats done is done....If you do have a gain tomorrow when you weigh in with a bit of luck it will motivate you to have a better week. We all have these blips, alchohol is the start of all things evil!!
I can relate too - I'm having a real 'off' week as well. I had a 2.5lbs loss last Monday and have just lost the plot ever since. My loss has been relatively slow since I started 5-6 weeks back, and I just can't seem to get into it. I know if I stick to the plan, then I will see the results, and to be honest, I just can't explain why I'm not sticking to it. I haven't had any big events or anything, and I really am so determined to shift the weight this time, so can't explain why I am feeling like this. I just seem to have one biscuit or sweet and then think 'to hell with it', and don't stop! I wish I could say I was blowing it on things like a nice big Indian, or a box of really nice chocolates, but it's silly things like manky biscuits or things I'm really not dying about.
Sorry that this is turning into a rant (!), but you aren't alone. We just need to get back into the zone.......


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Hi Abi.

You really need to book that hol, and make that your Target. We all have bad weeks, but the trick is to draw a line under it and start again. Look at my diary, and it'll show you that I did a similar week to you too. But much more motivated because of those scales this morning. x


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thanks for all your support everyone im really trying to get back into it but sometimes the scales dont relate to how the week really has been and that can really mess up my head
Hun we ALL have bad weeks, I bet there isn't one person on here or SW come to think of it that hasn't "blown it" at one point. It's what you do to rectify the situation that matters. Pre SW I would have gone into complete self destruct eaten because I'm pi**ed off for ruining my "diet" than eating to make myself feel better and so on and so on...

Don't lose control now, eat something, even if it's just beans lol, stick to plan then come back next WI and tell us how fantastic you have done!! xx


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The annoying thing is, is that it is sooo easy to put on but a bloody nightmare to take off. It seems to me that for every lb that i put on it takes 10lbs to take it off !!!!
i always stay to group as im on social team and sometimes weigh people in. i know that week i was the bigest gainer and I REALLY TRIED. i just had a busy week where i had to go out with people, birthdays etc. and not going would just be like i was putting my life on hold. when i hear about people who have lost and then they go 'ive been out drinking wine all week' it just gets me really frustrated. i just hope sooooooo much that i have got some of that weight off this week

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