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I'm Hungry

I have the serious munchies today!

Had my 2 wheatabix for breakfast, ate 1/2 a punnet of strawberries (the rest are rank and ive had to throw them out) and ive also just eaten my chicken sandwich.

Still hungry though!!!

How many syns is a sachet of plain 'Oat So Simple' porridge?! Thats all I have in my draw at work, failing that, I will have to venture out of the office! Scary! ;)

Got to love munchy days! Anyone els having one of these days today?

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Quaker Oats So Simple, Original 27g sachet
Original 5 Syns Green 5 Syns

If you are having an Extra Easy day, choose the lower Syn value
Try drinking water first. Sometimes Thirst manifests itself as hunger-type pains.
But sometimes i know what you mean, you just want to eat and eat and you never get full.
Could you make the oat-so-simple with water?


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I know how you feel - every day seems like munchie day to me! Got to have my nibbles or I'd go insane.

Maybe if you made up a healthy tupperware box of nibbles to put in your drawer it'd help? Some brazil nuts or almonds, goji berries (inca berries are really tangy and nice, too!), a broken up couple of choc fudge alpen lights to pick at, etc. There's also a new sweet fruity ryvita out... really tasty. I break up a couple and put them in with my fruit and nut nibble mix. Good to graze on when the munchies strike!

Also, can't beat a hard-boiled egg for portability and belly-filling satisfaction!
sometimes water just isnt enough! I've just had an attack of the munchies so had some baked beans on toast but added some curry powder to the beans, yummy and comforting!


Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
If it was me - i'd make it with water (tastes just the same IMO) unless you've got some milk from your HeA leftover and eat it - by doing that it'll stop you thinking about being hungry.

I find when I am really hungry and resist - I end up being worse in the long run!


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I am also, its not good as its WI today at 5.30 :( had 2 Alpen bars for brekki, a ham sandwich, some chicken, some french fries, and another Alpen bar :( off to get a drink, surley all this food on WI day cant be good??? x
Try a warm drink. I often find this stops the munchies for a bit. i was like it yesterday but just had superfree's in the end and felt stuffed but no damage done :)
Yeah I find green tea quite a good appetite supressant - for a little while anyway!
Oh myyyy I am sooo hungry this avo too!! Nothing at work to munch on (well there are some dried goji berries in my drawer but think they have been there a bit too long.....ew!)

Have to wait till half 6 till i get home, killer.


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