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I'm hungry!!!


Slimming down the aisle


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Don't do it honey!! Go and have a bath! x


Slimming down the aisle
I can't have a bath because my dad's grouted the bath edge thing, so no baths!!!


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Hmmm, plus that grout might look quite tasty...
Have a disco! x


Slimming down the aisle
I'm going to watch Gordon's Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmare in a bit, that should put me off!

But I want all the foods I really shouldn't have!
Gosh im starving too! Just stay on here and keep typing instead of picking at food and soon enough it will be bed time and another day completed. We can do it :)

Sammi N

Anything but Regular
Nothing tastes as good as slim feels :), power on through the hunger it is worth it, you are proving that with your losses, keep it up


Slimming down the aisle
I know it's worth it, just finding it hard!! The TV is advertising all the yummy foods! And tomorrow I have to go to work and be surrounded my pizza, fries, chicken, sausage rolls, pasties, fudge, cookies, doughnuts.. =|
I understand!! I am also v hungry!
I went to a work thing last night with a buffet and free bar! The alcohol didn't bother me but I could have scooped up the entire buffet like a basking shark!!
Remember, you only have a few months of this. Just concentrate on getting through tomorrow xx

Sammi N

Anything but Regular
Yum could eat all of those, im a sucker for savoury. I was only on my 4th day when i had to go out to a kids party with lots of nice buffet food then onto a barbecue in the evening. I sat there drinking my shake while inhaling the burger fumes. It is def a test of willpower but each temptation that is passed is another feeling of success at achieving the ultimate goal!


Slimming down the aisle
Yeah the BBQ I went to was a real test, but I did it!

My mum made bean fajitas for dinner too... I love bean fajitas! Ohh it's going to be a harrrrd weekend!


Proper Little Madam
I took my nephew to the shops about 6pm and in a rush of past habit I picked up a large packet of Mars Planets...and paid for them. I walked home, intending to eat them...why? When I was doing so well??? (I am 5 days in and 7lbs down).
With all the will in the world, I put them in a dog poo bin we passed as we neared home. I felt so bad doing it and was already "missing" not being able to pig out when i got home.

By the time I got home I was elated. So pleased with myself that I didn't sabotage my weight loss like I normally do. I have had a lovely bath, pampered myself a bit and I am going to bed feeling really chuffed with myself.

I will try and think back to this moment next time I feel the need to indulge.

Keep up the good work Caroline, you are doing so well hon. Don't let the munchies bite. Whatever you desire will still be there at the end of your weight loss. X x
I am hungry today (nearly 2 weeks now on SS) - I wonder if it has anything to do with stress? I got REALLY mad today when I was late to pick my daughter up from school because of unexpected roadwork traffic lights - I had to call the school while in the jam to say I would be late (first time) and got really stressed out. Now I am feeling hungrier than I have for a long time. Perhaps linked? :confused:
There is a difference between feeling hunger and 'fancying something nice to eat'.

Once we get into ketosis the sense of real hunger goes but unfortunatly the desire for 'something nice' stays.

Try to differentiate between the two - I find that helps.

Hang in there.


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Why are you doing Slimfast? Have you given up on CD?
Im not 100% sure, but I think that post is spam....I saw a couple this morning from the same id saying the exact same random thing in the CD forum, but with a link to some 'negative calorie diet'....I may be wrong, and if I am, I apologise to the OP!

Cat Bee x
I have to say - I am in ketosis - I have checked, but I am still physically hungry - I get lightheaded and faint and have no energy - am I alone? x

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