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im i doing everything right ?

:wave_cry:hi everyone I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how much exercise there doing as I'm not sure if I'm doing enough ? I'm doing 20 Min's aerobics and 20 Min's on my exercise bike as well as the daily school run that i try to almost jog well walk fast lol !!! I'm having a shake for breakfast .a soup for dinner. and a bar in the afternoon. drinking lots of water i brought so ketosticks and they have changed colour I'm i doing everything right do i need to exercise more ? thanks xxxxx :family2:
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No, in fact unless you were doing that level of excercise before you started the diet you're probably doing too much, especially if you are in the frst couple of weeks.

Have a browse around on here, I'm sure there are links to a couple of scientific studies that say too much cardio (aerobic) excercise on a VLCD can be harmful, and you should try to concentrate on strenght & resistance for the duration to ensure that you don't lose too much muscle mass whilst you are dong the diet.
hi the only thing ive changed is the 20 Min's is the Hannah waterman's DVD in the morning i was already using the bike and don't have much choice with the school run lol !! its states on the pack to do at least 20 Min's of exercise each day so that's why i added the DVD and only do 20 Min's as not to over do it i was worried if i didn't that i wouldn't be burning enough fat ? thanks for that im new to all this so need as much advise as i can xx
You are in calorie deficit with this diet (need to use more than you are taking in) and if you are in ketosis you will be burning fat even if you never move off the sofa!.

The problem with over-excercising on a VLCD is that you don't necessarily burn any more fat, you start to lose lean tissue (ie muscle mass) too which is not good.

Remember what the hardest-working muscle in your body is? Your heart. You really don't want to be risking losing too much muscle!

I also notice you haven't put any stats up in your profile yet.

Your current BMI and how much weight you have to lose would be useful to know (and I'm nosey! :D)
That HW DVD is good
it depends how much of it you are doing
just one bit?
Say the tone blitz and the abbs
or more with that?

I didn't feel like much the first 2 wks
which wk are you on?

I know it's interval training, so not too bad, but depends how fit you were before you started I suppose


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hi there Maggie well at the moment I'm just doing the first two bits I'm already quite an active person I'm a big walker unfortunately i gave up my job 3 years ago to be at home with my son that and socialising it has just crept on should i leave the DVD for a few weeks i feel fine but i don't really want to over do it ive only just completing week one and haven't weighed my self yet hoping to lose 2 stone by June xx
you will be burning fat even if you never move off the sofa!.
Hell, it works for me... ;)

Stick with it, you'll easily lose 2st by june.

Just remember - you are on only about 600 calories (as opposed to most conventional diets of 1200-1500), and may well tire and flake out quite easily - which is not surprising, you're practically on starvation rations. Which is something you don't want to do half way through the school run. Last time I did a VLCD I was still playing squash, and regularly wondered why I felt so damn awful all the time. Ended up feeling so bad I threw in the towel fairly sharpish.

So go careful, eh?

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