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im ill and not hopefull for weigh in

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hun..you cant help being ill, but at least you will have an excuse!
Just keep up the fluids today and dont stress over weigh in.

Go careful and I hope you feel better soon, D & V is making the rounds at the moment.



Mad old Bat with Attitude
Just rest and keep up your fluids! Don't worry about your WI, it will all even itself out.


Slow but sure....
Your health is more important, get yourself well and think about your WI later so don't worry over it.

Plenty of rest, sleep and fluids for you today, keep warm and take care. X
well ive been sent home from work, with DnV, not good!!! i didnt feel right yesterday but managed to eat small amounts and kept it down, it my weigh in tomorow and im so worried if i dont try and eat today it will affect my weigh in!!! help:mad:
I was the same on Sunday and Monday and had nothing to eat but weighed in on Tuesday and lost 2lbs which I am very suprised at as previously when I have been inwell I have either STS or gained.

Diane :sign0137:
dont worry hun, when i had a tummy bug and didnt eat for a day i lost 3.5lbs. Im sure it will be fine, and it you sts or gain then its only one week, focus on getting well x
well im gutted, wont be going to weigh in after all, im so weak- cant even get out of bed!!!!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Awww Hun!!!! Hope you get better soon.

Take care and just concentrate on getting better!

well, im soo determined to loose the weight- not being able to go to class is a really big thing for me!! i feel like ive failed, ive never missed a class and no way will i undo my hard work!! i feel like crying, im so weak( im a smoker and cant even face a cigarette never mind any fluids!!!) i dont own a pair of scales so cannot do my own weigh in( and like to stick to the same ones) laura xx

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