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im in agony......fibreclear doesnt work!!!

Pysillium husk, but you will have to order off line

Golden linseed always helps too, you can get this from most supermarkets.

All else fails a laxative like senacot or I use dulcolax, dulcoease is something you can take everyday to soften things, but dulcolax is when u just need to go lol

Just make sure your drinking enough water too Hun x
It was the same for me soso, and now i take psyllium husks (get them from Ebay-their delivery is quick too)
I think fibre clear is absolute tosh!!!
im drinking 4 litres a day and it just aint helping lol its not that i cant go perhaps ill try the dulcoease from today and look at ordering the phsillium husk thing.
thanks x x x
slimmersu the fibreclear is crap (fitting word i think) lol and i have to say this is definatly the downside to this diet x x
slimmersu the fibreclear is crap (fitting word i think) lol and i have to say this is definatly the downside to this diet x x
Try and sort it as soon as you can hun.... Someone else on LT had to stop for a while as they couldn't poo, and ended up with the start of a prolapsed bowel!!

If you get the psyllium from Ebay the company is called "thespiceworksteam".. They also have a website, but it is cheaper from Ebay........ I ordered 500g (which turned out to be quite a lot) and i have had to adjust the amount to get me settled, but i now take 1 heaped teaspoon every other day..

Hope you get some relief soon hun x x x
and is that ok as its a powder? i really dont want it to come that i have to stop but this is a nightmare. thanks for the advice x x x
It is fine hun... I have been taking it for a few weeks and it hasn't affected my diet at all x x
I had the same problem as yourself and in the end I took 5 dulcolax and 2 extra strong senocott and I went it was such a relief It i s over the prescribed dosage but I just had to go after that I take 3 or 4 dulcolax pearls every couple of days and I have been fine
Add pysllium husk to a cold drink, stir or shake and drink it quick before it starts to thicken.

I add a tablespoon to an OJ but once sat down and read a long post before trying to drink it, nearly choked as 250 ml of orange jelly hit my mouth and face!
My husband calls those ducolax pearls "magic pearls" as they do such a good job!!
You need to work out what type of constipation you have. If you have stool ready to pass, but it is too large and hard to pass, then adding fibre is the wrong approach. You need a softener like lactulose, which pulls water into the lower bowel. Only after you have cleared out what you already can't pass should you consider how to avoid it in the future - which may well be additional fibre to speed up the passage.
chilli powder in soup

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