CONGRATULATIONS! That is a fabulous achievement. Lucky You, prepare yourself for an exciting first weigh in.

Dizzy x
You can buy them in boots but they ask loads of questions apparently!!!

Your CDC will probably have them to sell.

I personally dont use them, some people swear by them but I have never bothered, I know as long as I do this diet right, chug at the water (4 ltrs min per day!) then this diet works wether I show ketosis or not (3s 4lbs of loss shows I do someting right!!)

Dont panic about them if you dont have them, you can speak to your CDC to get some if you would feel happier knowing, for some it gives a boost to see them in the pink.

Well done to Patsy and Kazz x x
Thanks a lot for the help Vicky. Will just go with the flow this week then and maybe ask her about them when I weigh in on Monday.

DO you mind me asking how long it has taken you to loose the weight?

Can't wait to get going tomorrow now - trying to drink loads of water today too in preparation!