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I'm Joining SW Tonight

Hi Ladies after my previous post earier on today, I have decided to go and join SW tonight.

I am very nervous and don't have any confidence in myself etc, I just hope I can do it, and start to feel better about meself.

Wish me luck - I will need it, going by myself, new to the area and I know no-one, so abit harder for me.

Lisa x
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Wishing and hoping!
well you have took the first step and are brave to step in the meeting, remember you can do this baby steps, you will be fine and most people are friendly and are willing to help others :)
your confidence will grown once you get into the plan and start losing the pounds.
Good luck Lisa just remember the reasons to why you want to loose weight.!

Whenever you start a new class these normally new people joining also then everyone starts chatting away.!

Nothing to worry about.x
Good Luck! I went on my own too, and didn't know anyone in the area and guess what ...I was really really fine! Everyone always says it, but the group really will be dead friendly and you won't regret doing this! Well done you! xxx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hi Lisa, I hope this evening went well. I know there's a lot for you to take in all at once, so don't be afraid to ask us here!!
Good luck with your journey Huni and well done for taking that first step!!
Well done hun. You've done the right thing. I went to group after only being in our village for 2 weeks. I went alone and didn't know anyone.
Over 2 years later, I have made some very good friends there and lost my weight so it was a double bonus!

Good luck, you will be fine!
i went on my own 2 weeks ago and have met some nice people. A couple of girls are members at my local gym. I joined in January and rarely go. So now I have them to go with.

You have made the right move in joining tonight. Good luck with your journey.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
How did you get on? You've taken the hardest step, and now you're part of the SW family you'll never be on your own again! Plus we're here all day, and late into the night, and some of us before the crack of dawn if you need help! You'll be fine, which plan do you think you'll do?
I did It !!

I went along, and I registered I was the only newby their ! I have my books, went home and did a Tesco online order being delivered this evening. I think I am going to do the Easy Plan? Where I can mix my original and green days?

Been to Docs today, told them, lost another 8lbs since beginning of July by myself, my blood pressure is 160 over 90 high apparently, gotta go for blood tests fri and ECG Tues, so very worried about this !!

Started my day with some grapes and an apple. Really want to try.

How do I get all the Slimmer of the wk stickers etc, like you lovelies have, does this happen automatically when you put in your weight loss etc ????

Lisa x
Good on you for last night, what a brave step you have made! Have as much fruit as you like all day today until your shopping arrives and you can eat things like scrambled eggs on (wholemeal) toast or a jacket potato with beans etc in the mean time too, so you don't need to starve until the nice Tesco man arrives!

As for the stickers, your consultant will give you them in group when you achieve either the best weight loss in group that week (slimmer of the week), or 1/2 stone stickers for each 1/2 stone you lose (your awards). But, on here you need to put them on your profile yourself. You can do it by copying and pasting from other people's profiles who already have them on. I think you need at least 20 posts to be able to do this though, but you'll have them in no time and ready for when you achieve your first sticker in group I expect! Well done on a life changing step and remember to ask whenever you have any questions! x

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