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I'm just so bored with it

Sorry guys, dont mean to put a downer on anyones spirit but i am just so bored of the diet game.
I am about 10 pounds above my maitenance weight and i have been sodding about trying to lose it, then binging and gaining it, up and down on the scale i go and it's knocking my self esteem bigtime. I think i have gone up a whole dress size and nothing is fitting properly.
Just dont know what to do really, i dont think i can diet any longer....the more i try the more it takes over my life and consumes me and with every knock i just get more and more depressed.
I know that 10 pounds isnt a lot to most people here but i genuinely cant find it within me to lose it again.
I joined a gym and i love it, i go about 4 times a week for an hour....it's my little outlet while my kids are at pre-school.

Has anyone else been in this situation? Did you just abandon the idea of losing weight or stick with it?

Sorry if this thread is depressing, i dont mean to dishearten anyone out there currently losing weight, just need some suppport:sigh:
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Fighting the bulge
I think everyone gets a bit fed up of it all, i certainly did last time round, but i gave up and it made me no happier and i put all the weight back on and more, which made me even more upset that i'd given up in the first place. I dont think the *diet* mind ever leaves a person. When your dieting you wish you werent and when your not your not happy with your weight. My mind set changed 2nd time round when i realised this isnt a diet for me its a healthy lifestyle change, with a plan i can follow for life. I dont restrict myself and if i really want something i have it but i have learnt how to have those things.

Maybe try a different diet to get the motivation going again or speak to a consultant if you go to a group and see if they can give you a boost, maybe set yourself little goals so that you're not disheartened trying to aim for the full 10lbs say 2lbs then once you reach that try for another 2.

I had a really tough week last week and all i could do is comfort eat, i went to my WI on Monday and had gained 4lb. All that hard work sabotaged in one week.

If your unhappy now, would you be happy eating freely and putting on some weight?

I hope this helps and isnt too much of a ramble!


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I have been the same over the past couple of days. I have 11lbs to loose, or did have before the past two days. Whatever decision you make I am sure it will be the right one for you. =)


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Oh DM, I am so gutted that you are feeling this way, wish there was something I could do to help but I have not even got to goal yet let alone started to maintain. All I can offer is a huge ((((((((((((HUG))))))))))))) and to say please try not to let it get you down as that will just get you in a vicious circle. Have you tried going back over some of the early threads while you were losing and feeling great about it to see if you can recapture the mood and see if that will boost you back to where you want to be? Your posts were so positive and helpful to me when I started that it might be what you need to reflect back on to get you going again? Try not to be too hard on yourself either, we all seem to be our harshest critics.
Bren xx
Hiya Bren,

Thanks for your support and words....think i was having a particularly low spell when i wrote that post. Although i still havent lost any of the weight i have gained, i am also not dieting either. At the moment i am just healthy eating (and a fair bit of it) and making the most of my time at the gym to tone up and improve my fitness levels.
I was getting too caught up in the lose/gain rollercoaster and was forgetting what really matters in life....as cliched as that sounds. So i took a step back and tried to think rationally.
Since joining the gym, no doubt i have gained muscle and probably lost a little fat but it is not showing on the scales...so what?!! Better to have a fitter, healthier body than being a few lower digits on the scales eh? Also i can see that my arms are getting much more definition and i am also halfway to completing a program to run 5k straight. So all in all, im quite happy with it really.
Hopefully my clothes will losen up a little in time....here's hoping as i chucked all my bigger sizes out.

How you doing hunny?


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Glad to hear you are feeling better DM, was quite worried when I read your post. I am doing ok, eating a meal or two at weekends and trying to stick to TFR during the week, it has become a bit of a compromise between me and the other half as she does not want me to lose any more and I still want to achieve my goal so I have agreed to do it a little slower to give us both time to adjust. Did buy some now trousers for work today, in a 10, so am pleased with that to say the least.

I am really enjoying my exercise and it sounds like you are too, keep it up, fit and healthy is better than the alternative.
Bren xx
Hey Bren,

Wow-wee Size 10!!! Great feeling isnt it....i remember when i first went shopping after having lost all the weight, and trying on a size 14 dress and it fell to the floor lol. The 12 was still too big and the 10 fitted perfectly....dont think i have ever been a size 10 my whole life.
Hmmm, i sympathise with other half situation....although my dh was really supportive of me losing the weight i think he found the whole process so quick, we've never had any trust issues in our relationship but suddenly i think he felt intimidated by certain attention i was getting....not that i get much of it but you know what i mean. I also know that my DH loves curves and mine were vanashing at quite a quick rate.
I think the change comes so quick that it takes our other halves as much time to get used to it as us.

Glad you're enjoying your exercising too....it's great isn't it? Never thought i would look forward to my morning gym sessions, now i cant keep away from the place.

Btw, i added you as a friend on facebook...so if you were wondering who that mad grinning girl was its me and not some stalker!!


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Ah - ha mystery solved!!! I thought the face was familiar lol - have now confirmed you :)

I am loving being a 10 although my 12's asda jeans are a bit too big so I bought some 10's earlier in the weekend and can't get them anywhere near, think they must be a different cut so will take them back and have a look round to see if they have some that do fit. My legs are still quite chunky, think all the walking I do has made my calves rock hard and not likely to disappear unfortunately.

I wish I could afford gym membership (not to mention time involved) as I really enjoyed going on holiday. Maybe one day I will treat myself if I ever find myself with some spare time on my hands lol.

Bren xx

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