im kat and im on the cambridge diet - day 1!!!

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by katsparkle, 10 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. katsparkle

    katsparkle Full Member

    Hi my name is Kat and i started the cambridge diet this morning. my first shake was delicious and it was butterscotch, but all i am thinking about is food. im looking forward to getting used to this feeling of being hungry.

    my last meal was a bucket of kfc (or some of it) and you know what? it wasnt all that

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  3. Janey2014

    Janey2014 Full Member

    Hello and welcome!

    How are you finding your first day? Good luck :)
  4. katsparkle

    katsparkle Full Member

    just finishing day 2 now, been a bit of a scatterbrain but i feel like today was easier than yesterday, lets see how i fare tomorrow !!!
  5. kat391

    kat391 New Member

    I started Cambrige on the 3rd. Did amazing first week and lost 7lbs. Is week I am struggling. I just want to eat. How are you finding it?
  6. katsparkle

    katsparkle Full Member

    day 6 - struggling - but still doing it!!!!
  7. katsparkle

    katsparkle Full Member

    ok I had my first weigh in this morning!!!!

    omg i lost 16 lbs, Im so chuffed, really cant believe it

  8. Arraius

    Arraius Member

    Woah that's loads!!! Well Done to you :-D
  9. katsparkle

    katsparkle Full Member

    thanks!! yeah I'm flabbergasted !!!
  10. Linzi1281

    Linzi1281 Member

    Hi Kat - I started cambridge sole source yesterday so today is day two! Congratulations on your week 1 weight loss - so inspiring x
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  11. katsparkle

    katsparkle Full Member

    its the only thing thats keeping me going at the moment linzi, i am fine when i am alone but when other people are around i really struggle
  12. katsparkle

    katsparkle Full Member

    so wow day 9 is over and that was easy! best day so far, although i have had toothache all day - which possibly is why i havent been hungry or thought about food but i really just didnt struggle at all. happy days! dreading the weekend, i have to go out for a meal on friday, just going to have a steak and salad or something, but its a michelin star restaurant *sobs* luckily i hate wine anyway so i will just be happy with a soda water. but the real test comes when i visit my inlaws this weekend, they are all slim and eat tons and are feeders, and cook amazing food so I have my 4 little cartons to try and get me through but if i need to eat then i wont have any carbs.
  13. katsparkle

    katsparkle Full Member

    so pumped that its day 11 and i havent cheated yet lol. tomorrow i am going out for lunch but im going to restrict myself to low carbs - also i have horrifric toothache, which is weird considering the no sugar intake. maybe my teeth are getting lonely LOL
  14. Beruwala

    Beruwala Member

    Wow ... You are doing an amazing job ... Hope your toothache is better xx
  15. pandauk

    pandauk Full Member

    Congratulations on your incredible first week's loss - I hope the scales are just as kind to you on your next weigh in!
  16. poko

    poko Full Member

    Hi Kat! I started this week. Doing ok so far. Not having anything but my products and managing to drink my water. I haven't peaked at the scales yet. First weigh in on Tuesday. You definitely have inspired me. Keep going!
  17. 2mnn

    2mnn Full Member

    Hi Kat
    How did the meal out go yesterday?
  18. katsparkle

    katsparkle Full Member

    It was stressful, I was worried I would go over the edge with it, I checked the menu and knew what I wanted but they changed venue at last minute so I had new menu to contend with. Then what I ordered came with baguette and I ate some, then I though sod it I will just e at whatever but then I managed to control myself and just went to bed early without going off the rails. Was hard though. Right now I am at my in-laws and they have just ordered about £80 of Chinese, and I'm here with my milkshake trying to ignore them. So far so good.

    On the upside the meal was for feedback on the first 3 chapters that I have written of a book and they were really complimentary about it and gave me some advice. I meet with them again in August, hopefully by then I will look like less of a heffer
  19. 'Lee

    'Lee New Member

    You're doing really well, it must be so hard. I'm still trying to get the courage to even start mine.

    Keep up the good work.
  20. katsparkle

    katsparkle Full Member

    I just h o people I get ok results this week
  21. Vicky05

    Vicky05 New Member

    Hi I'm starting Cambridge again today for the second time. Had a tasty Burger King yesterday as my last treat for a while. Reading about your weightloss so far has reassured me to why I'm going back onto Cambridge.

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