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I'm learning about my eating habits....

Deb G

Silver Member
I've eaten three days now - and each time after I've eaten I want something sweet. I have had sparkling water with flavourings in, and it has stopped them, but it just goes to show!

As a child we ALWAYS had pudding (even if it was just a yoghurt) and my body is trying to slip me into old habits!! I've resisted and will continue to do so...... although I AM looking forward to the sugar free jelly next week!!!!:rolleyes:
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Happily pro pointing!
I am the same, not after every meal, I was OK tonight, just a cup of tea I was fine, but after spicy or salty meals, something very savoury, I have found that I really want something sweet, so I have just had a cup of tea and a bite of a bar which has done me fine a couple of times. However, I am now on the jelly and it is lovely, also having diet drinks is great, I had some diet ginger beer tonight :drool:
I just can't wait til next week and I can have F-R-U-I-T!!!! I am craving it, and we always have tons in the house as DD is a fruit monster and I can smell DH eating an apple a mile off.
I am actually finding RTM harder than abstinence as I know I can have fruit next week and my chatterbox says, 'Oh that can't hurt a couple of days and you will be allowed any way', it is hard to resist it, especially when it is healthy stuff.


Back to the grindstone!!
I was really looking forward to the fruit and it is fantastic! I did make the mistake of over doing the fruit though. I was having far too much and with the natural sugars I found I was hungry an awful lot more. I am limiting it now but it is something to watch out for! I put on a bit of weight that week, just half a pound but LLC put it down to the amount of fruit!! I was thinking in terms of it being "good" for me so I ate that rather than anything else. I guess I was having about 4 or 5 portions a day. I have now cut that back to 2 or 3. It really made a difference to my hunger levels too!!!
Same here Scot - the fruit was so exciting after such a long period in abstinence I went a bit crazy with it too - thinking it was all good for me!

Watch out for the same effect with the dried fruit and nuts - which comes in a few weeks later when you are feeling increasingly hungry. But the upshot is that I now understand that sugar is my problem area, and I am developing strategies to cope with that - which is what RtM is all about after all!

I am now starting trigger weeks, and I am pleased to say that rice and pasta etc are showing no major issues for me, which I am really surprised about as I was a pasta freak pre LL. I can have a small amount now, and forget about it, which is great!

The fruit and dried fruit escapades, coupled with a few off piste excursions I managed to convince myself I deserved after 8 months of abstinence (still need to tackle the food is a treat thing obviously!) meant that I have put on weight the last two weeks - not huge amounts, but not insignificant either - and it has made me realise how important following the programme is. Glad to say, I am back on track, and already shifting the pounds - whilst eating too!

Good luck with the rest of RtM guys, and I hope to stick my head in a few more times during these trigger weeks!


Deb G

Silver Member
As I'll be following a low carb (rather than low-GI) diet afterwards, I have already decided which fruits I will and won't be eating in fruit week, so that should keep me in check!!!

Isn't RTM great!!


Back to the grindstone!!
You know what Deb, it is great!!! I so enjoy eating, I am just more aware of WHAT I eat now rather than just throwing it down my neck. I seem to pay more attention to what things taste like now too. I am into week 6 tomorrow so dried fruit and nuts. Looking forward to the nuts but I know they are high in calories so a little restraint is going to be needed!!!

Deb G

Silver Member
In week 6 - aren't you only allowed the nuts for cooking - rather than snacking?! Sncaking nuts are Week 12 with all the other 'baddies'. I was reading my RTM last night and I'm sure I saw that! At least if they're in a salad or meal you can't be over-tempted!!

Good luck and let us know how you're getting on!


Gone fishing
I'm the same about wanting something sweet to follow. Can't really blame my mum for this as we only had 'pudding' on Sundays.:confused:

I managed to change it by putting a gap in. A pause I call it. So I eat dinner and if I get the urge for something sweet, I usually leave it and get on with something else, knowing that I can have it if I want, but don't have to have it this moment.

It's helped me retrain my brain :)

Deb G

Silver Member
Great tip KD - thanks!

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