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Im leaving you girls :(

I just cant afford it at the moment, and with me starting driving lessons next week at 30 quid a pop my priorites have to be with my driving. I could do both but it means that someone in the house will suffer and go without and i am noit that seflish.

Thank you for having me, im thrilled with what i have lost so far. And i look so different. I feel great about myself nowadays!
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30 quid a driving lesson?! no way..

Its sad that you cant carry on, but you know what you do in order to make the most for your family..

Do you know what you're going to do?>

x x
Im going to stick firmly to ww and adopt a gi approach to it, that way i cant go wrong. Have thought carefully about this and gutted but i need to learn to drive for my sake and familys.

Its a hour an a half lesson, need it as i can only do 1 lesson a week.
Well learning to drive is the best thing ive EVER done.. and its most deffo worth it.. and its good you already have a plan, as its much easier to stick to a plan isnt it?

x x x x
Aw Saraian, that is pants :( still come on here tho and post :)

what are you doing food wise? I wrote an honest diary of what I was eating pre-CD and I actually save money being on this diet.. But we are still finding money tight so i understand x

I know what you mean, but i honestly dont eat half the amount i used to, i have defintely got the portion sizes spot on. I dont buy choc or sweeties in my shopping anymore so that will help, but honestly choc etc just dont taste right anymore - im noit really that keen on it anymore.

I think if i do ww and keep the carbs low that will help right?

So gutted i could cry, but driving is going to be life changing. Im still going to lose wieght, i wont quit until i am at goal!
well you really have the right attitude honey :)
And driving really is life changing, you'll do it :)

Just don't stop coming on here..
Hi Sarah

Sorry to see you leave CD but as you say you will still be dieting and losing weight on WW..........and hopefully still coming on Minimins to let us know how you are getting along! Maybe you could buy one last box of porridge and limit yourself to one every morning for brekkie? I'm sure that would save you some points?

Good luck with WW and the driving,
I wont trust me. I really have got things planned to a t, but that's me all over! I intend to start keeping my food diary again as i did in ww before.

Good luck to everyone, il be back again when i can afford it.


Trying to stay healthy!
Good luck with your driving lessons Sara, it was certainly the best thing i ever did, left it quite late at 36 was a new lease of life and so worth all the money. Good luck with your new diet i hope it works well for you!

Hi sarah, best of luck with ww. Im on ww now aswell but plan on restarting cd in the new yr. im sure you will do brill on it.

you wont know yourself once you get driving. when i had my little girl i cudnt drive and we were on busses taxi's omg it was awful one day i woke and said thats it im buying a car and learning. best thing i ever did :)



Wants to do this!
Sarah, you've done so well on the plan and it's good that you've been able to adopt a healthy eating approach. I really hope that you continue losing weight and get to your target. Good luck with the driving too!
aww - good luck . you have been a real help to me and i hope you keep losing. I am intending on going on to WW when i'm done here or can't cope anymore so would love to hear how you get on!
Hiya - best of luck - you have been a great support.
Thanks girls, im gutted to leave and not do cd. but driving is something i have wanted to do for ages! sos loosing weight but im getting there with that.

Not stopping loosnig weight, just differently until i can afford cd again.

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