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I'm looking forward to .....


Skinny Soon ?!
Yes - know what you mean.

I got some out the other day that i had bought last year but never wore. funny thing was, after walking to the car they had gone all baggy and I had webbed legs.

I guess 4 stone even makes a difference to the size of tights you need.

Ordinary ones are so much cheaper too (like everything else I suppose)
I'm looking forward to not feeling paranoid about my weight and having the guts to start dating and flirting again.
Wearing a fitted woollen dress I have - that is so unforgiving to the slightest, teeniest, weeniest, ounce of fat.

Oh and wearing my skimpies with pride and not in the dark!

having the guts to start dating and flirting again.
Go for it now girl!!! and the flirting etc will help you lose the exra pounds!!!! Love yr heart thingy by the way!
Hi Beverly,

Give me another 1.5 stones lost and I'll be flirting my a** off! :) I need to find me a man to hug me the way yours is! ;)

Woolen dresses are so unforgiven aren't they?!

Thanks for the heart compliment.

Much love ....


Gold Member
I'm looking forward to seeing the expression on my paretns face when I see them at Christmas....hopefully another 2 stone lighter than I am now!! I am also looking forward to my friends wedding in July, where 3 men I have been involved with will be there, and hopefully they wont even recognise me!!!


Silver Member
to not being the cuddly, game for a laugh, bundle of fun who is always out with the guys as a mate - but instead being someone they look at and see as a sexy female and go 'corrrr'.
Also looking forward to buying cheap tights ! looking forward to some groovy patterned tights without my legs looking like tree trunks.

Also looking forward to nice jeans with a top tucked in !!!:)

Hate finding myself in a rrom full of people and needing to get out and having to squeeze through and getting in an embarrased panic :eek: Looking forward to slinking through the small gaps !:D

Melissa x
I am looking forward to my feet pointing straight ahead when I walk--unlike now as my chunky thighs make them go out at sharp angles!
Having a photo taken that I like!

I have avoided photos for so long that I have had a fear of dying and my kids not having a photo to remember me by.

Also when someone is murdered and they show the photo on the news I think wouldn't it be awful if it was me and they hadn't a photo or just a really really bad one.

Strange I am aren't I?

Dizzy x
I don't have a husband (or a man full stop), but I look forward to being as sexy as I'm made to feel. ;) Tee hee hee ...
My OH is always cuddling me and loves cuddling me from behind when we're just standing around but I flinch when he moves his hands to round my belly because of the way it hangs and I think it must be horrible to feel it.:eek: He never says anything but I'm looking forward to standing there confident and not having that thought :)

Also, although I don't sleep with anything on when he's staying with me, I always chuck something on the minute we get up like pj bottoms and a t-shirt - I wish I had the confidence to get up and walk round naked or just in some nice underwear :eek:. Would love to walk into the bedroom in just some knicks with a cup of tea and know that he wants to ravage me.....:eek:

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