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i'm loving CD


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I'm on day 3 and yes i feel a little tired and i'm missing certain foods. But its not as hard as i thought it was gonna be. I like every soup i have tried and the only ones i haven't tried are chick and mush and veg.

I tested this morning and i'm in ketosis and just had a little nap and i have woke up freezing!!! I have never known being cold like this my fingers and toes are like ice.

Can't look at the bigger picture yet as its a little scary.
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Hi You're doing fantastically well. Things will be nuch easier now you're in ketosis.

I personally think that this diet is about habit too...Once your've been doing it for 2 or 3 weeks it becomes your normal. I think it was when I got to that stage that I started to allow myself to think of the long term. I now KNOW that I can do this and that I WILL be slim again. You will be too!!

Keep up the good work



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Thanks TM i will be keeping up the good work.

My kids deserve a happy, healthy mum.

Ps you're doing really well too x
Listen Kirsty, You've done the hard bit .. getting into ketosis .. and now you are under that blanket it does get easier!! Like TM says .. food is a habit .. you need to make sure you don't pop a bit of the kids sandwich into your mouth, or some chips as you are putting them on their plates .. so easy to do .. takes as second and we ALL do it without even thinking .. you need to physically stop yourself for the first 2 weeks or so .. gets a bit easier after that!!

The main advice I would give you is to set a timeframe (eg 100 days/14 weeks) and promise yourself that you will not (under any circumstances) break the diet until you get to then and if you do that .. give yourself a nice reward .. like a mini shopping spree or spa treatment!!

Good luck .. this is a super site for support/help/advice/motivation!! Has kept me on the straight and narrow (well pretty much anyhow) for the past 10 weeks!!! (and 44lbs!!!)



I agree with wannabe.Also minigoals can be useful once you've got the habit well established,esp if you find waiting till th whole of your 1st say 100 days or 3/12 or whatever are up.

Some people go for 10% weightloss,
or a couple of stone gone
orgetting into a certain item of clothing etc & having a treat (non edible of course)when you've done it.
Bath smellies are a fave-not too expensive,bathing as a good way of distracting you if there are bad food thoughts around, they combat the coldness & contain no carbohydrate at all.

Keep it up -yu're doing fine.


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Well done Kirsty, you will soon see the rewards from your great effort! My 1 bit of advice is dont stray!! Its so hard to get back into ssing after youve eaten, speaking from experience as lost 5 stone went to lanzarote gave in to all temptations and put it all back on and struggling with restart now!!! Keep going its a great and very rewarding diet and by the summer you will feel fantastic! Sarahxx.


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Thanks all for the nice comments. I'm not gonna cheat as i did great on WW till the first little slip then it was so hard to get the discipline back. I've been having a bath while the kids and OH eat their tea. I don't feel hungry today so that's great!

Reading everyone's losses on here helps loads.


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My first mini goal is i would love to get into the lower 16's by 18/04/07 for my little boys 2nd birthday. Do you think that is possible?


Yup could well be poss.(and more besides)
It's 5/52 or so away.No It's almost 6/52.

1.Stick ABSOLUTLY to CDss.

2.Drink at least 4litres of fluids a day on top of your shakes (many on here manage more than this)

3.Remember whatyour CDC said about losses of up to a stone a month.Well inyour first month you can add a bit to that.

4.Do the sums suggest you can do upper 16's by then?

Good luck

ps if you want some extra motivation try the century club & find sparkles march challenge.If you would like to join it she'll probably be delighted -you're only a few days late.


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Thanks Jane, will have a look x


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Day 4 on ss and not feeling hungry at all. I'm really gonna do it this time.

I will be slim for the first time in my adult life!
Good woman .. . let me tell you .. if I can do it .. anyone can!!

Keep us updated!!


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