I'm loving filling and healthy so far!

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers - Filling and Healthy' started by Josiecat, 26 June 2014.

  1. Josiecat

    Josiecat Well-Known Member

    I've been on this plan a week and so far it is the easiest of all plans I have followed.

    I previously lost the most weight on sw but become bored, then I managed to lose a bit on ww pp but was quite often hungry and did not make good food choices. I have a sweet tooth really badly and desserts/icecream are my downfall so ww pp was never good for me as I ended up hungry and binging.

    So far on FH I have felt full all of the time, I have hardly used any of my weekly pp at all. I have been managing my sweet tooth with smoothies, normally a blended banana, handful of berries, skimmed milk, spoon of 0% Greek Yoghurt and ice blended, sometimes I add a teaspoon of honey and pp it. If I have a choccy craving I just have banana, skimmed milk, ice and a sachet of options hot chocolate powder blended for only 1pp. These smoothies have stopped me snacking and I fill up quicker at meal times meaning I eat less.

    I have lost 4lb so far.

    On a typical day I have been having

    Breakfast- bowl of shreddies wheat or a smoothie, sometimes both!

    Lunch- warbuton wholemeal thins with ham and salad and vlf mayo or a ham salad and light crisps

    Dinner-Marinated chicken breasts with new potatoes and salad or gammon, egg and pineapple

    I rarely feel the need to snack but if I do I have some fruit or a smoothie, sometimes an options hot choc if I have a sweet craving.

    I have also started working out, I have an old Davina workout DVD called power of three and have got back in to that after 7 years!! But it is really good and it has actually made me start to firm up already and has been amazing for reducing my sweet cravings.
  2. gossamersquare

    gossamersquare Well-Known Member

    Well done on your weight loss and your menu looks great.
  3. ksmiuk

    ksmiuk Well-Known Member

    Well done it looks great I'm starting today xx
  4. georgina2930

    georgina2930 Well-Known Member

    Here to subscribe x
  5. Featherhat

    Featherhat Well-Known Member

    Congrats to you. I'm going transfer over to F&H eventually, although I need the flexibility and strict portion control of PP for now. My leader is really pushing F&H right now and I might give it a go for a week soon to see how it goes. Your menu looks yum. :D
  6. MargaretF

    MargaretF Old rock chick

    Does anyone know if you still get 2 daily tsps of olive oil to use on F & H

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