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im married !! ,cd in the house


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Hi im new on here ,and thaught this would be a great place to have my Diary as one reason im trying to get three to four stone off is that im getting married next Aug well if plans dont change 23/08/2008

iv already got my dress i bought it in a size 18 and youl all know what wedding dress sizes are like :( im a size 18 to 20 but was mesured at a size 24 :eek: iv never been a 24 in my life and i will not be wearing a size 24 dress for my wedding so baught the dress of my dreams (already have one but selling it lol anyone want a size 16 beutifull dress let me know lol ) and i am already going to take it to a seemstress as its got a zip back and i want a corset back i just hope it can be done lol (it gives me more room if i get the corset put in lol )

Il be doing CD i did it last year and lost three stone but came off it in oct tried again in feb but for medical reason had to stop im hopeing to go on it next month but at latest july :) as i have an appt thats not best for me to be on a vlcd but even starting the latest of july i could still have 5 stone of for dec.as i wont stick to it in dec :D lol if i nead to go back on it will be jan but hope to be a short stint then mantanence ready for my count down for my wedding :)

so good luck and can not wait to see how well you all did for your big day gives me insperation that i can do it lol
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finding my way again !
G: 11st7lb
good luck honey-dd, you know it works & so i see no reason at all that you should not be a glowing SLIM bride next year


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well my dress is here i love it but it fits ish just cant fit zip up on boobs lol ,so after doing cd and losing the four stone i want off i think ill have to have it taken in:D ,

but im worried now i wont be able to get it taken in :cry:


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honey-dd, you can get dresses taken in at least two to three dress sizes easily!! So that would be at least 3 stone you could lose!! Infact, someone on a wedding forum I chat on got let down with their dress, bought a sample quickly and had to get it altered from a size 26 to a size 18 - and it looked stunning, you'd never have known it had been altered so much!!

Good luck!!


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thank you sunflowerbride

welkl day one and im tucking in to a tetra lol i hate the shakes but i have got some chili soups so water away lol


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Hi HoneyDD!

I'm on CD at the min, did LL for a while and lost 4st.
My original dress was a size 24!
BUT the shop closed down and I never received it, luckily! cos now I managed to get the same dress in a size 10 and its even had to be adjusted into a corset back so I can pull it in! So yes it is possible :)
Good luck keep posting and you'l be fine!
wow size 10 thats amazing well done

i want to were my dress i love it and its not made anymore so i know ill have to have mine alterd a good three sizes if i manage to get all my weight of just worrys me i wont be able to have it alterd lol ,as i dont want another dress lol


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You will be able to get it altered don't worry!
I intended to lose weight and told the shop this when i first ordered ,they said they could easily take it down 3 sizes.
:eek:well day two down not one bit of food passed my lips i cooked tea tonight aswell i so want cheese though i always do on this diet ,I'm only managing 2 litters of water so fat but that will increase in time ,and I'm feeling OK got a muzzy head and feel off it but not bad relay:D

only another 4 months 29 days to go :D


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Hi Honey DD
I actually bought a size 10 bikini FOR MY HONEYMOON today, can you believe it?!
It will get easier by about day 4 and it will all be worth it :D
wow size 10 congrats

i have two wedding dresses one a size 16 so thats a 14 wedding dress size and my dream dress size 18-20 ,i love that dress so much and i wont buy another and cant buy my dress anymore :(so will have to find a seamstress to take it in i want it taken in up to 4 sizes :Di think but will be happy at two ,when i was measured at the bridal shop they said a size 24:eek: iv never been a 24 at full term preg I'm only a 20 now so there was no chance id buy a 24 dress ,so i found the dress of my dreams (by the same bridal shop???? )in a 18 -20 and guess what it nearly fits id love to know were they buy there tape measure from as it was way off mark :cool:

it was the thought of a size 24 dress that got me back on to CD as i want to look gorgeous on my wedding day not fat i don't want bingo wings or double chins i want it all to look good ,

anyway day three no picking I'm in ketosis and apart from a very upset tummy I'm fine :D had two and a half litters and coke zero as always and three choc tetras ,i have had a few chunks of a bar over the last few days but better that than eat :D


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Keep going honey, you're doing really well!!!!

I bought a hoop from ebay which was quite good - also try the ones at your bridal shop, I had bought one from there originally as they, in honesty, are nicer - but they dont go as big as the one I wanted (look through the dress pics on my diary, the ones up until the 31st of May were with the bridal shop hoop, the one on the 31st May is with mine. It's not that much bigger but enough to make a difference!)
your dress is lovely sunflowerbride iv been looking at the hoops on ebay but will wait to see what my dress kneads when iv lost my weight i don't get wed till next Aug so i have time to get it altered ( although I'm worrying now lol) and get the hoop as it will nead it i want a big skirt lol

day 4 down 2 liters of water three choc tetras and coke zero lol ,iv weighed myself and :eek::D but keeping it to myself till weigh day lol


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Thank you honey, it's nothing like the dress I thought I would have gone for - but I love it!! What's yours like? :)

Congrats on your loss - looking forward to finding out what it is!!! When is your WI?

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