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I'm new and in need of some advice please


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Morning Gang

Well after a very hard week on CD i have decided to try Atkins out. I have thought about starting the diet before but wanted to give CD a try first so anyway after such a bad few days i log into ebay last night and got the Atkins book and cookbook but my problem is i need to start right now :D

I don't have a clue what to eat over the next few days until my books come so was wondering if anyone who has the knowledge and the time to come up with a food plan for me for the next 2ish days whilst i wait for my books.

I'm going shopping soon so can pick up whatever i need and i like most if not all foods (hence my bad week on CD ) :D

I went and got some eggs from the local shop for me to have for breakfast so was going to make some scrambled egg but i'm not sure if i can have semi skimmed milk which is all we have in the house and if i can put butter into it. also can we use salt and pepper.
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Firstly welcome to atkins Hayley! It's a very different way of eating but i'm loving it. Have a read of the stickies at the top of the page which Jim, our resident atkins guru (i'm sure he'll pop along soon) has written. They give you the basic outlines of the diet, the do's don'ts etc. Also check out the 'what we're eating today' thread as some of the forum posters put their daily menu on there so this will give you an idea of things to have. Jim's is a maintainance menu though so just to be aware. Also, the atkins website has a menu planner on there with recipes and ideas, a carb counter and what's allowed during the 20g carbs a day induction phase so check that out too.

In answer to your q's, eggs are allowed, milk is not, cream is allowed if measured n included in your daily 20g carb allowance. Seasonings are also allowed but some again need to be counted.

Welcome and good luck!


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Thanks Claire i will have a read. I see you did CD too, can i ask if you gained much once moving to Atkins and what your losses have been like since doing this diet.
I lost slightly over 3 stone in 3 months on CD hun. I initially made the move over to atkins due to having to do some strenuous training for my job which i knew would not be possible on milkshakes. CD was also getting expensive and i was starting to see the losses slow from 3-4lbs consistantly each week to only 1-2lbs each week. I think this was because i'd started training back at the gym and so everything i ate my body stored. Atkins was meant to be a stop gap initially till i made my mind up about it vs. CD. However when i moved over i gained the 'podgyness' of the water back a little around my tummy but i gained no weight back. I too only saw a 1lb loss the first week but i tend to be an every other week type person. The last three weeks for me have seen losses of 2.4lbs, 4.2lbs then 2lbs last week. I find the losses as good as CD and i can exercise more. I have more energy doing atkins and after milkshakes doing low carb is pretty easy really as all the food again after 3 months seemed like a feast!


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Laura - thats great news that you didnt gain in your first week, i hope i don't gain :D

Claire - You have done so well and like you Atkins for me is a break from CD whilst i get my head sorted as i feel totaly mixed up after doing CD. I also have no energy whilst doing CD so that's another reason i need to take a look at the diets around.

Anyway i took your advice and had a look at jim lovely sticky and i came up with a plan for today, just wanted you more experienced Atkins folk to take a look and tell me if its okay and then i came up with another question which is when i go shopping i tend to go to Farmfoods for the rest of the family but they do some fantastic packs of frozen fish so i was wondering is it okay to eat frozen or does it all have to be fresh ?

For today i thought i would have:
Scrambled egg ( not sure if i should have 1 or 2 eggs ? ), with no milk or marg and just a little pepper. Will be dry but i don't have any cream till i go shopping in a mo.

Then for lunch i thought an omelette with mushrooms (yummy love mushrooms)

And for tea a chicken caesar salad with the aloud amount of everything. Would like some caesar dressing, does anyone know if i can or not have it ?

Also do i need to have my full daily allowance of everything or can i be under and still lose weight ?
Hi hayley and welcome,

All the above and yes frozen is fine, remember you are looking at "unprocessed" foods, always check the carb count on the lable's of everything!
Frozen fish is fine love. Just so long as no added sugar etc.

Everything looks fine to me. One top tip is to make sure you're getting your veg carbs in each day as especially having a fair few more eggs than normal you'll be needing em! ;)

I have a hellmans caesar salad sauce i use. I think it's about 0.5g carb per 10ml tbsp. So long as you measure n count it into your daily carb allowance you'll be fine.

Another top tip is that some of us have found that citric acid stalls our losses so make sure you're checking labels for this if you suspect you may be the same. You could also be fine though but if you find you're stalling cutting down on cheese and the citric acid may help you.


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You have all been so helpful, thankyou for all your lovely welcomes.

I'm going to hit the shops in a mo to get some meals for the next few days and with all your wonderful help i think i will be okay. I'm happily sitting at my desk right now eating my yummy scrambled eggs mmmmmmmmmmmmm yumyum :D
LOL, good luck and please feel free to join in all of our threads, we are a chatty bunch hayley :)
Welcome Sass :)


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Thank you all for you great advice and welcomes today, i have done my first day on Atkins now and i hope i have done it right, please take a look at my food diary that i posted and give me a nudge in the right direction if i haven't done something right.

I have really enjoyed today and i have felt so much more happier that i have over these past few days. It also has been alot less painful than cd is before ketosis. i have been able to enjoy meal times with my boys which was great, i think the kids thought i was being a naughty mummy when they see me having dinner lol they was like "mum should u be having that, wont your CDC tell you off " hehehe poor kids bet its strange for them but they will get a fit mum next year who can go swimming and do loads of other fun stuff once i have shifted this weight.

I'm off to hit the sack now, i'm so tired after my sleepless night last night worrying about food and diets etc so i think i will sleep like a log.

night night all xx
LOL @ your kids Hayley. So how are you this morning?

I'll go an find your diary.

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