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Im New .............Help!!!!

Hi i started on 810 yesterday OMG it was so hard i nearly cracked so many times but here i am day 2 and feeling positive........ Is anyone else on 810??


Get through day 1 - Yes!!!!
Get through Week 1
Lose 1 Stone
Lose 2 Stone
Lose 3 stone

73 lb to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek:
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Well done on getting through day 1 :) I'm not on 810, I'm SS, but regardless of which plan we're on, we're all in this together. Good luck for day 2 :D xx


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First hurdle over, first goal achieved, first point proved to yourself and others - you do have the willpower to do this, and you can do it if you really want it.

I am not 810 either, I am SS also, but I think any diet where you suddenly limit yourself causes your brain to play tricks on you and torment you. How many times have you dieted in the past and said something like "I will not have pasties, potatoes, bread, or pizza". Probably a really good way to control your carb intake and lose weight, but what is one of the first things you start craving? ...... a cornish pastie, a chip butty, or a pizza ...... well you do if you are anything like me anyway!!

Just stick with it and it DOES get easier, believe me. You get into a routine, and after a while it becomes a habit. The good thing is that it is a habit that will help you for the rest of your life as when you have done this for a while you learn that the body does not NEED the amount of food we shovel into it ... it can survive quite happily on significantly less, and that is one of the best learnings that comes out of this diet. Once you have that it is simply a matter of remembering in times of stress!!
Hi well done for getting through the first day. The first few days are always the hardest, but it will get easier. Im also not on 810, am on ss. good luck for your first week x
hey there,

i am on 810, lost 6 pounds last week on my 3rd week and was quite chuffed considering i am down into the 10's now and weight loss is slower the nearer you are to your goal - i like 30mins cardio exercise every second day and found ss+ didnt give me enough energy for it but 810 has - i did ss+ the first week and only lost 4 pounds - easter put them all back on so im very pleased and 100% commited to 810 now :)
Thank you all for your support, today is a little easier so far but still getting headaches and craving Spag Bol (Random i know!!! )


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Hey I've just started on 810 too, on day 3 now in it for the long run fingers crossed.


Carbs are Evil
Thank you :)
Hi Li

No i fancy Cheese and POtato Pie today!!! not going too bad but i have been naughty i ate a cherry tomato!!!!!!!!! i couldnt help myself!!!!xxx

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