I'm new here


:) Hi there,

This is my 1st day on CD. I have 5 stone to lose :(
I've been reading these boards and felt so inspired by you all.

I'm sure i'll have lots of questions along my journey and i hope i can seek your advice.

Anyway, i'm off to drink some more water.

Pickle x
A big welcome to you xx


I too want to lose 4-5 stone and Im starting SS LL (solesource lighterlife) tomorrow.Everyone here is so lovely and your recieve so much support.Well done on you decision to do CD .
(((waves))) hello
Hi pickle :)

good luck with it and I hope you do really well. I've set 4 stone as my goal but would really like to lose 5 all together I think. I decided I'll see how much I still want it when I get the 4 stone off.

I'me sure you will have seen that the first few days are the hardest so I hope you sail through them.
Hi Pickle

Welcome and good luck with your journey.
Get through the first week and drink lots of water. Your first week loss will help keep you motivated.
There is so much advice and support available on here so post often and ask any questions.... someone will always be along to answer.

I look forward to reading about your losses.

Good luck

Jazzy xx
Hi Pickle

5 stone seems a lot doesn't it I thought so too 3 months ago! However I soon began to realise when the weight was dropping off that it really was achieveable and not in a few years but in months. I haven't looked back since started CD only forward I only wish I'd tried years ago.

Will look out for you so keep us up to date on how you are doing. Dizzy x
Hi Pickle, I have lost just over 5 stone,and just kind of re loosing some of it after having children !
Really on the Cd it will fly off, I wish I'd found it sooner.
Keep us informed on your progress, and you'll be at target weight in no time if you stick to the rules :)
All the very best!
Thanks everyone for your words of encouragment. It really means a lot to me.

I put on all of my weight during my pregnancy and i realise it's not just going to 'drop off'.
I look forward to being able to choose my clothes again instead of clothes choosing me because nothing else will fit.
I also look forward to being able to wear my wedding ring again.

When is everyone's worst time? I think mine will be evening, this is when i used to 'pick'. Chocolate is my downfall.
Good luck with you weight loss, since being on this forum i have been given nothing but support these will answer any question you may have along the way.
don't forget to drink the water.
Hi Pickle

I think the evenings are most difficult for most. I was always a daytime grazer did not eat again after dinner. So didn't find them too bad to start with. I seem to find kids dinner time the hardest. I always have a soup at 5 oclock so I'm not hungry. But sometimes I still find it hard.

I have learn to only cook the amount I know my kids will eat and what they like to eat so there aren't uneaten dinners to tempt me. I also in the early weeks used to try to have a rest before picking them up from school so I wasn't too tired at that busy time as tiredness is my worst enemy. (causes me to reach out without thinking). If need to save something for the evening you may like to half a shake/soup (bar when you are allowed these) earlier in the day to keep for the evening. If possible in the evening if difficult take a bath/shower have a pamper and take early nights it really does help anyway. Obviously this is what I can do and works for me you are doing the right thing arming yourself with info and realising you may struggle at times. But it will probably be easier than you think. Good Luck. Dizzy
Hi Pickle and welcome. You will be 5 stone lighter in no time! I have lost just under 2 and a half stone in just over 7 weeks but still have just over 6 anda half to loose, but it can be done and this diet is easy, you just need to drink loads and have willpower when you *think you want to eat. You will not be hungry in a few days it is all psychological, you just need to find something to take your mind off it. My lovely hubby bought me a nintendo DS when I reached my first stone loss. (never lost more than 1.5 stone on any other diet) he said I could have something new to take my mind of it at 2 stone loss, I think he was shocked when that was a couple of weeks later!! I told him at the beginning of my diet I wanted a new laptop, he said, when you loose 3 stone you can have one. He is backtracking now LOL

Evenings USED to be my bad time for snacking when watching tv. after the first few weeks I had all three of my CD meals in the evening, A soup, A bar then a Mousse. Now can't manage all three at once so I have the bar during the day at work, the soup as soon as I get home with my family then the drink or mousse as either a hot or cold drink in the evening in front of the tea. It doesn't bother me now watching hubby eat lots of crap in the evening, in fact I wind him up that he better watch out otherwise he will be on the CD soon! He has never weighed more than about 10.5 stone LOL Bless him takes it as its meant too!

Anyway im waffling now, so good luck and look forward to reading your posts and weight losses. You can do it.
HI PickleAs has been said if you stick to it the weight comes of so fast that you will be at goal before you know it.
Try splitting the packs which then gives you 6 meals I found that helped at the start,remember to drink lots,I find room temp water better,or hot orange is yummy.
Pamper youself if poss a bath early night paint your nails you can not eat with wet nails,one of the pieces of advice i had when I first started was to have early nights and late mornings when ever poss,and at times your body need them.
Have some painkillers handy,
Keep posting someone is always willing to help are just listen if that is whot you need remember you are never alone.
good luck you can do it.{{{HUGS}}}
AJAX your husband got off lightly with the laptop promise (made me laugh!) mine said he'd consider a forth baby! He didn't think it would happen either. Pickle think big on what you want!!! Dizzy x