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Im new here!

Just found out im pregnant. Dreading it because of my weight. Im 17st 7.... at 5ft 3. I work in the hospital and have heard midwifes talk about obese patients as being the worse. And have seen the latest posters in my local maternity unit about how bad for the baby having an obese mum can be. So im looking to lose weight b4 i have the baby. Has anyone done this succesfully?

Does anyone know what the minimum calories a pg mum can consume?
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Hi, congrats on the pregnancy :)

I remember when I did slimming world a few years ago that there were often pregnant women doing it at the same time. They tend to get more dairy allowed, but little other difference.

If you are going to follow any 'diet' during pregnancy make sure you take a multivitamin designed for pregnancy and also consider taking a calcium supplement too.

Don't forget, you need to check with your GP what they consider safe for you to follow.
hello and congrats, i've also just found out im expecting and im very over weight, i've spoke to my midwife about this and she was great she advised healthy eating through the pregnancy and that if i dropped some lbs great, she did say though that because i have no health problems normally and my blood pressure is normal i should be fine. so i started healthy eating 2 weeks ago, no faddy diets ect and so far just through cutting out the rubbish i've lost 4lb. try not to worry to much, i was exactly like you a couple of weeks ago but this section is fab for getting support. good luck with your pregnancy. do you know how far along you are yet?
Hiya thanks 2 both of u. Im only 4 weeks. Missed period on thursday n took 2 tests both neg. buit they were out poundland. then i bought one from boots today n tested a morning sample, and woo hoo!!! This is my 3rd baby. And with baby 1 i put on loads of weight. Baby 2 i was already over weight and really watched what i was doing and ended up only putting on 8kg. Ideally id like to drop 3stone. But dont know how realistic that is... My tummy is a mess. Its so huge and flabby im dreading going for a scan!
i have 3 kids already and put weight on with all of them im hoping this is the one that i dont, i too have a flabby tummy and am hoping all goes well at the scans. it sounds like we in simular boat, your a few weeks behind me so i'll let you know how things go with me and what to expect with scans ect, if you like we could buddy up to encourage each other to healthy eat and hopefully lose some lbs. :)

im gonna check if i put my msn details in my profile if i have feel free to add me. :)

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Congratulations!! :D Another CD'er! lol

Try not to worry about your weight, just aim not to gain too much :) But.. if you want to diet then SW is the only one approved for pregnant women as it's a healthy eating type.

I have read somewhere (not sure where) of a woman who has lost 3 stone while pregnant on SW :) So it can be done. :) Just don't leave yourself short as it could lead to problems. I'd have a chat with your gp make sure your BP is ok and that they approve of SW :) If that's the case you're headed in the right direction. :)

Really chuffed for you and to see another face on the pregnancy board, there are loads of us now! lol

When are you due? End Jan/beginning feb?

I'm 8 weeks and due xmas eve!! according to my scan, but 23rd Dec according to my dates. :)
Hiya im due 23rd Jan. A month after u! Id be happy if i lost 3 stone during this pregnancy. That would roughly take me down to what i was when i fell pg with my daughter 5 years ago. I will have to check out the SW diet then. Did that years ago when i had my son.

And congrats to u too xx


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Congrats on the pregnancy xx, I know what you mean about the scans, I'm considerably more overweight than you but everytime I go for a scan I'm asked to hold my belly up and they scan just above my pubic bone, never had a problem getting a picture though in fact my last one was so clear my OH was mesmerised (the monitor was turned away from me.)

GL and Welcome xx
Thanks Lissy. I just have visions of being in labour last time and the clip belt thing they put round ur belly kept falling off. At the time i was mortified cause i was thinking my belly was to big. But after working in maternity i realise they cut the belts themselfs, so could have gotten me a bigger one to save my embarasment.

Cant wait for my scan lol Thinking about getting a 3d one this time round as they were just out last time. Plus my maternity unit wont tell u if its a boy or girl!

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Ive put my email in ur reputation. It would be great to have a buddy xx
Hun was this to me? Sorry don't want to assume.

SW will work well I'm sure. :)

How awful about the belt! Staff like that are rotten aren't they! :(

I don't know what to do about the sexing of our baby yet, will see what our maternity unit do when I have my 12 week scan as I haven't thought to ask, I guess my midwife will know. I think i'd like to know as I'd love a boy and if it's a boy will be ultra excited, and if it's a girl I'll need to prepare myself!! lol
The 3d scans are amazing aren't they :) I'm really tempted to have one later on, on DVD - would be lovely for us and the girls but will have to see how money goes as we have a lot of expeditures before baby arrives.
Yeah i think midwifes can be pretty awful. When i was working there the things i heard them say about patients is slightly puttin me off going in! Actually thinking along the lines of a home birth, but doubt i will. I nearly had last one in the birthing pool. But was told she wouldnt be comin today so got out d pool and she was born 3 hours later. So would try that again

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Loves weight.. training!
Aww what a nightmare getting out of the pool! lol
I wanted a birthing pool last time but the hospital dismissed it totally saying there wouldn't be time.. I got in at 9am and didn't have my daughter till 8.30pm!! i was still 4cm at 4.30pm!!

My current area is midwife led and I had a lovely chat with my midwife about my concerns of baby due over xmas as I have 3 girls at home.. and a hubby who doesn't drive! The hospital is 18 miles away so that's an additional thing. My midwife said that alot of home births happen around here, and that if all is well with the pregnancy there is no reason why I couldn't aim for that but also that it is common to have a birth and go straight home without going back to the ward in hospital - I was in for 3 days with my eldest so was also relieved to hear that. :)

Is your area midwife led?

I haven't had a message from you sorry.. I deleted a load earlier so hope I didn't delete it by mistake...
Not sure to be honest. Its been 5 years since i had my youngest. With my 1st i was 5 days in hospital. WIth the 2nd i was out the next day. I was put in the birthing pool at 11am. OH showed up at 1, i was relieved to see him cause no one had come in and the water was freezing lol., and the buzzer was to far away. Anyway i ended up being in the birthin pool til 7 that nite! then they said she wasnt comin, and did lolo

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Loves weight.. training!
:) will email you in a tick :)

What a nightmare being in the pool on your own for 2 hours!! my goodness... will you be under that same department!! I'd be opting for homebirth for sure! lol
Yeah all in all i was in that pool for 8 hours. I was like a prune when i eventually got out. Oh and starving....

I have thought about it as it will be d same ward. But my friend had a homebirth and had to take her wee one up the next day to see a paedatrician and she sat for hours the next day. SO that part puts me off.. Plus from my time on the wards ive seen quite a few 3rd births not quite go to plan and they ended up having a c/s. Im about 30 mins drive to the hospital so wouldnt like anything to go wrong, as i live in d middle of nowhere lol

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Loves weight.. training!
I must say that, my sister in law has just had her 'No.3' and I thought it would be a walk in the park for her, but it really wasn't as had to be induced excessively and very nearly ended up in CSection as baby was in distress. She has sworn no more, which from her is something I tell you! lol So I guess your knowledge isn't a good thing in a way, but then in a way it is, that you know it's 'normal' to have a slightly rockier time sometimes, so if that does happen you'll be prepared I expect.
No matter what happens with any of our birthing experiences as long as we walk away with a smile and a healthy baby I'm sure we'll be happy.
Yeah thats very true. I was reading on d net last nite all the problems an obese mother can have. Scared myself silly. so not gonna read anything like that anymore!!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
no don't!! step away from the scary facts!! :) whatever weight you lose between now and baby arriving (even if some of it comes back later on in pregnancy that will be the baby), then you'll be helping matters, there is no point worrying over anything else that you can't change now hun. ((hugs)).

I'm older than I'd have liked to be having another child, I personally had a view of not having children after 35 as my hubby is older than me by 7 years and my mum and relatives all die early in life, I know that's morbid but it was part of my thinking.. I'm 37 now, will be 38 6 weeks after baby is due, but honestly, I've forgotten about it, I can't change it and whatever happens later in life is one of those things.. I can't change it.

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