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I'm new... hungry and need advice !

Hi Everyone, Today is day one on xenical after being prescribed them by my doctor. I was on Reductil for one month and then they were banned.. I lost 9 lbs. The doctor said i should see similar results with these. I have 3 and a half stone to lose after having my baby. I have managed to lose 3 stone all by myself doing slimming world.

Can anyone give me any advice re: xenical & slimming world together.

I eat a lot of eggs on SW but i hear that eggs are bad on the tablets. so what are you all eating.... I'm hungry for breakfast and want to take my 1st Tablet but want to eat right!!!
I feel very positive about this and really hope i can lose a lot of the weight before summer so i can wear some little dresses!!!
Your advice is much appreciated
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Hello, and welcome :)
You shouldn't have problems combining SW and Xenical together - a lot of people on this forum do this with good results!
As far as eggs are conccerned, it's gonna be a bit of trial and error I'm afraid. I eat eggs and take Xenical and I've never had any side effects, but some people do. I'd advise you to start introducing them a few days after starting the Xenical, and see how you go on - but go easy for a while until you know whether they're going to affect you or not.

As far as breakfast is concerned - I have porridge every day, but I don't know how that fits in with SW. I've seen some people say that they have cereals like Bran Flakes, Weetabix, or Special K (but check the fat content - you should be having up to 5% fat per 100g of food, and no more than 15g of fat per meal)
You could also have a some beans/spaghetti shapes on toast (with either no spead, or a scraping of low fat stuff)...
There's also fruit to fall back on, maybe with low-fat yoghurt, or something like that. Or even a cereal bar with fruit if you're eating on the go.

Good luck with your Xenical journey, I really hope you get the results you want :) Post again soon and let us know how you're getting on x


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i dont know a think about slimming world (but there are pleanty of people that do...)
i just wanted to wish you luck, and im sure if you stick to the 5% rule and no more than 15g per meal you will be fine!!!

Hope you do well, and get to the weight you want


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Hello hun and welcome to xenical!

I do sw and take xen and dont really have any problems. I have loads of eggs and never have side effects but as others have said its trial n error!

I find eating loads f super free foods are fab to fill you up and try to stick to foods that are s and ss! The sw section is ace for syn free recipes. Were having 'KFC' chicken tonite an its free if u use bread as a hex b(on red and EE) There is also a super speed soup that is free on green and ee and others swear it speeds up thier losses!

Good luck hun and if u need any more advice just ask!


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seriously Katie, how can you understand anything that you are writing....

this super speed soup... what is it?


gunna be a fatty for ever
it aparently speeds up your weight loss hun!

u want recipe? not sure how it would work for you do you calorie count? its high in fibre so gets ya going IYKWIM ;)


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anything that helps in that department is not going to be turned down!!!!

Im not supposed to have more than 1200 cals with the slim fast diet, but because im a nanny and very much on the move (apart from right now) i allow myself a little extra lol...

Would love the recipie...
Maybe add it to the recpie thread of mine.


gunna be a fatty for ever
ok hun just doing it now! although i have no idea on the cals!
I was on slimming world before I swapped to calorie counting but most of the food seems pretty similar. For breakfast I usually eat quite a bit even now I've made the switch haha! Half a grapefruit, bowl of wheatabix (healthy b) & fruit on top with mullerlight yogurt. If you want something hot wholemeal toast and weight watchers reduced sugar jam is good and shouldn't be too high in syns.

I only started Xenical a week ago but I already feel great and it's pretty easy to get used to once you instill the grams of fat rule into your head. Good luck with your journey and you'll feel so fab in those dresses when you get them! (I'm losing weight for pretty much the same reason haha!)

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