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Im new-starting today for 1st time!

S: 11st10lb C: 11st10lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi everyone, ive just got back from the chemist with my 1st supply of Lipotrim, i had a baby 6 months ago and have really been struggling to lose the 2 stone ive put on so im hoping this will work for me. I have my 1st problem to overcome when I go to see beyonce on wednesday and was suppose to be going somewhere to eat first with a friend, would it be a nono to get a salad? lol:queen:
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hi hun! welcome and good luck!

beyonce eh, fantastic!

ok so two choices for you, if you eat something on your first week, you are heading for a disaster. this diet require NO FOOD and tons of willpower. if you can manage that its the magical weight loss wand we've all been looking for.

my advice, go with your friend, have a black coffee or black tea or just stick to water, you'll be sooo proud of yourself afterwards and if you have your shake just before you go, you probably wont want anything anyway.


if you really think you can't do it without having a meal, wait until after the concert to start Lipotrim. be warned tho, these events keep popping up when you're on your LT journey, you have to learn to overcome them, not avoid them, but deal with it.

so many of us have been to concerts, theatre, cinema, weddings, christenings etc without eating a morsel so it can be done!!

just keep thinking of beyonce's body and is that salad worth it! lol!

S: 11st10lb C: 11st10lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
lol thought that would be the answer, its not that im too bothered just felt like id be spoiling her night as havent told her im on the diet yet.
quick question- do you make the soup in a pan or with kettle water like a cup-a-soup, hoping its better than the vanilla shake ive had so far, havent bought a shaker yet so just tried to mix with a spoon and lumps were disgustin, lol
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Invest in a hand blender hun thrown in ice it makes it much more palatable. do the soup like a cup of soup but dont use boiling water as this will kill the vitamins. Always drink your shake or soup within 15 mins as the nutrients and vitamins are water soluable so they disappear. Invest in some straws or rob some from ms donalds haha! Id start lipotrim after the concert if you feel you are gonna eat coz of your friend no point doing this diet without total dedication.


Otherwise known as Jools
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I've recently been to a concert at the O2 with a friend - I took a flapjack with me and had a large sweet black coffee whilst my friend had the meal there. It can be done and having the flapjack made it easier.

Deffo get a hand blender - most big supermarkets sell them for around £5. It makes the shakes so much nicer and smoother. Add lots of ice and even a couple of sweetners.

With the Chicken Soup I usually make it up like a Cup A Soup and actually think that they do taste very much like a Cup A Soup too.

Good luck on your journey, drink plenty of water, keep busy, and of course come on here regularly for advice and support. Everyone is really nice.
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good luck,i'm on day two now. just take it one day at a time.x
Hi Ive just started today. Ive been okish. I usually fast so have no problem in that sense, its just when I think about not being able to have food that can make me want it more. Ive found a new friend in black tea which Ive never tried before, thanks goodness for the sweeteners!

From what I have read of other people just go along and stick to the diet. You not eating shouldnt ruin it for your friend, and if she is a true friend she will be happy for you going on this diet.

All the best, I look forward to your updates!
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Best of luck!
Everythings a no no for your whole time on LT! I went travelling for long weekends while on it and watched friends have their meals while I sipped water.. its tough but worth it!
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I do mine with a whisk or a shaker, dont get any lumps b ut i put the water in then add the powder and add loads of ice, yummy!!!

Good luck with it hun x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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Lots of luck on your journey to a new you. Try not to eat at the concert. There is always going to be some "reason" to break the diet. You have made the decision to start so stick with it. Your friend will understand. After all, you are there for the music not the food!!!!

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