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im new to slim fast! please help

Hi guys im looking to start slim-fast but i have heard mixed reviews. Please can you help me! i weighed myself the other day and was shocked to find i weighed 13st. i can not committ to weighing in classes like sw and ww. Some people have said that this is not a great diet and that the shakes do not taste that good.
can some one tell me differently please and around how much you spend on shakes and bits a week many thanks x
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hi chrissie i have lost 27 pounds on slimfast/ultraslim i love it me personaly i love the shakes and the different snacks i can have as long as they are 100 cals each i was 13 stone 9 in april i am now 11stone 10 coming off around 1 - 2 pounds a week have started exercising this week so hopefully will be more than that so give it a try and good luck :)
Hello! I've lost 8lb since starting Slimfast 4 weeks ago (hopefully more than that as tomorrow's my weigh in day!) and I love it! I love the shakes, I love that you still get to eat a 'proper' meal, I love that you can still have snacks, I love that it's so flexible, I just love love love it! I started at 12st 6, am now 11st 12, i've never been this weight and i've never been happier with my body :D

Some people do say that they dont like the shakes, and its boring or they're left really hungry, but everyone's different, and if you want to make it work then you will! The trick is to find which shakes are for you (there are a lot of different flavours), to space out your snacks, to find snacks under 100 cals that are filling and delicious (and this can be done :D) and to exercise and drink loads of water. People also say that once you stop SF the weight piles back on, but I think it's taught me to look carefully at what I eat, and I think that'll stick to me even after I stop with the plan.

I spend £2.99 on the drum of powder from Boots every now and then (its half price there atm), then I sometimes buy the ready made ones from Sainsburys when I'm in work, for £1 each, but not always.
Over the past fortnight I've spent around £7 on it I'd say...two drums and one ready made shake. I don't find it to be that expensive really...

Good luck if you do decide to start doing it, the SF forum here is a wonderful help and everyone is so supportive :)


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I think the Slim Fast diet is great. It's easy to follow and I like the fact that you can have a proper meal (500 calories) for dinner if you want to. The snacks are really yummy and the strawberry and Vanilla shakes are yummy too. The diet is also good value for money. Boots have an offer for the powder shakes (£2.99) and the snacks are on offer most of the time in various stores. I found the first day hard because of the lack of food but now I am just used to it. I started the diet on sunday and have lost 1lb already. I would definitely recommend Slim Fast. :)
i agree with all of the above. i have done it for 2 weeks now and have lost 5lbs on it. the shakes taste yummy. it feels like i am having a treat when i drink them.
tou can eat whatever you are giving your family to eat but as long as its in moderation and within your calorie limit so the costs are minimal. when boots dont have the cans on sale for 2.99 you can generaly find other shops that do have it on sale.
i love slim fast. deffo no going back for me :D
Hi i have been doing it for a week and weighed myself yesterday and i'd lost 4 pounds. I love it because i look forward to dinner every day whereas before after a big lunch on SW i was all i better have dinner then, yawn.
hiya chrissiee
Im in the same position im currently doing SW , and ive not really doing very well and then i saw an advert for slim fast in more magazine and i thought id look into it, i like everything ive read so far and the idea of it - but its just taking the plunge and trying it - i just dont get SW lol its too complicated!!


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I absolutely love slimfast its the best diet ive ever been on cant believe how much weight im losing, ive lost 13.2lbs in 6weeks. i love the shakes and mix the flavours as much as possible to prevent boredom i used t hate milkshakes so was worried about slimfast but ive been fine. i love the flexibility of slimfast can fit round all lifestyles id say,, go for it you have nothing to lose except weight:D
I find it great too!! 8lbs in 3 weeks for me (although i had a bad week 3 so could have been even more!!)!! I find it very easy to follow and easy to fit in with my life which is great :D
I've lost about 21lb in about 8weeks.
Personally I like the diet because I find it flexible, and it's no hassle at all (IMO).
I don't mind the taste of the shakes - they're pretty sweet, but I quite like them. However, I don't like the bars, or the tesco version - but that's just my personal tastes, some people love the tesco ultra slim, you just have to see what you prefer.

As for cost, a tin of Slim fast costs about £6, and makes about 12 shakes - so that would be 50p per meal. Certainly less that I'd normally spend on lunch. So for me I'm sure it's cheaper. If you go for the ready made shakes, they're about £1.30 - so still cheaper than a sandwich and a bag of crisps if you need to grab a quick lunch from the supermarket. There are also lots of offers on, so I normally stock up a bit when there's a half price offer on.
As for the milk, I buy the super cheap long life skimmed milk, that's really cheap. 1L should do 4 shakes, and I can't remember how much it is, but I think it's under 50p a litre.

But I'm gradually moving to the high protein shakes because for me, I think they're a better fit, but a LOT more expensive (but still possibly cheaper than the amount of food and rubbish i used to eat!).
Just go for it!! Idid exactly the same, was loosely following SW, saw the SF advert and went out thatvday in my lunch break and bought all the gubbins!! Stocked up whilst cheap as I'll be much more inclined to stick to it if I think it's a good deal, paying full price might start planting Seeds of doubt I my easily Influenced mind!!

Go for it!!


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