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i'm new *waves hello*

So, I am Vicki, 33 and weighing in at 15st 13lb!! I have managed to lose a stone on ww since august, but find it too easy to cheat and since xmas have been up and down on the scales. I am just SO fed up of not being able to feel good in clothes and only yesterday I burst out of my jeans, ripping the bottom on them!!! conveniently this was on the way to get my lipotrim :eek: It had to be of some sort a sign.

EEEEeeekkkk. It's my Day 1, and as I am off and up late I haven't yet tackled breakfast. i've had my black coffee which was surprsingly manageable.

I very rarely have breakfast - naughty, I know, but hopefully this will train my body to actually have a breakfast. Time will tell.

So, I have my shakes and my soups, oh and some flapjacks for lunch and I am all ready to go really. I just wanted to introduce myself, you all seem really helpful and knowledgable and I'm excited to get to know u all :)

Here goes day 1 . Wish me luck!!!!

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Good luck vikki be aware it's gonna be two or three days of hardship and then smooth sailing hopefully to weightless.

I have a similar story to you I'm 31, 16st 7lbs. Managed to lose 8lbs on weight watchers since Xmas but its too slow for me and I also go up and down continually. I'm hoping lipotrim will be a kickstart. Unfortunately I can't start for two weeks.

Good luck this week,
Thank U :) Thought I would start today as I have a jam packed easter weekend, so I am crossing my fingers that this will help take my mind off eating and get me through the worst of it. I agree with ur comment about ww being too slow. There is nothing more disheartening than trying really hard, sticking to ur points and then not losing :( I have stayed the same for 4 weeks!!!! Like u said, this is a kick start. Good luck to u too when u start x


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Viki welsome - I am on day 5 of week 2 and I lost 11.5lb in my first week ( mon just) I found day 1 easy, 2 ok but 3 and 4 i got hit hard, shakes, cold, weak, headache, my bosy went in to Ketosis fast which is good thats why i lost so much, by day 5 i fet great. Now i dont feel hungry i have to remind myself to have a shake, my body starts to get a bit weak then i have it.
I have my 1st around 11am then 3ish then 7ish give or take half hour. I coul dhave never gone until 11am without food before I started this.

Stick with it, my advice drink lots of water, rest the first few days and be strong xx


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Welcome Vicki, Once the first week is over it will be plain sailing ;) make sure you drink enough water and you will be fine. As Ghemz said, once day 4 is over with you will start to feel so much better. Lipotrim does take massive willpower but it is so worth it. Good luck Hun :D


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Don't worry about those jeans Vicky - they wouldn't have fit you in two weeks time anyway! :D

Good luck and I hope you end up looking forward to weigh days as much as many of us on this forum do.
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Hey vicki, this journey is gonna be one of the hardest yet best things you wil do. You may miss the idea of food miss the fact you cant chew and also miss the social side of eating but if you can get over the mental side of things your be fine" I personally look at it as a way of giving my body a chance to start again I havent tried any food (only in my dreams:-D) because I want my palette to really enjoy the new healthier food I know sometimes easier said then done. But I was once told once you eat you wanna carry on eating. I wish you the absolute best and imagine by july your be much slimmer. Good luck hun x

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