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Hi my name is louisa i am from milton keynes and 26. i am getting married on the 28th july 2007 and have ALOT to loose about 13st! HOWEVER i am not expecting miracles and at the moment have a target of 3stone when my fiance is going to give me £100 towards anything i like so i have chosen a bath as we have just moved into a new home and dont have one lol

i am starting CD on sat after having my first appointment with my cdc on fri afternoon.

i am a bit nervous but after reading through your threads it is FANTASTIC to know i will have all this support.

i hardly drink anything so this week i have been preparing myself by drink at least 3litres of VERY weak juice as i hate water and had to take it a step down so i got use to it

can someone tell me how many pints in a liter i have been told about 2 and a bit? we have pint glasses at home so i can determine how many liters by the amount of pints i drink also i have a 700ml flask for work how many of these should i be drinking per day?

i look forward to all your support! feel free to IM me anytime!
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Hello and welcome Louisa

S'right, just over 2 pints to a litre so you want to aim for at least 4 pints of water per day. Or, if you are using your flask aim for at least three of them per day.

Good luck meeting your CDC, and we're with ya 110% for this journey



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Hi Louisa,

I am on day 6 and I started at 13st 1lb. So not too far ahead of you.

This is the second phase of my weight loss journey...I have already lost five stone and I hope to be around the nine stone for Christmas.

It is good to break it up into mini goals and to reward yourself with little treats like magazines, books etc. as you go along.

Be sure to measure yourself from the neck down and don't forget the upper arms as well as it does come off all over and sometimes the inches come off when you feel the weight is not going fast enough.

Also I know for some this can be a difficult one but if you can have a photo taken now as this will show you how far you have travelled as time goes on.

Love Mini xxx


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A litre of water is a pint and a quarter! I remember that from the rhymes taught to me at school when we went metric LMAO

Good luck and welcome to the board :)
Hi Louisa and welcome!!

I started CD in february and have lost over 7st so you could get there for your wedding...

Good Luck



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Hi Louisa,

Welcome to the wonderful world of CD! I live just up the road from you, just off J15 of the M1. I'm coming up for almost 11months on CD and have lost nearly 11 and a half stone so your target is perfectly achievable - drink plenty of water - at least 4 pints a day and the weight will just drop off!

Good luck for Friday - it will be tough but it's sooooo worth it!
Lots of love,


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Good Luck Louisa, we will be right behind you, take a peek at my thread on weight loss diary and it will show you about how I was in the first few days, well done on the drinking, you will get used to it x


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Just wanted to welcome you!

I have over 9 stone to loose, and have lost 10 pounds in my first week. 2nd weigh in is tonight.

You can do it! We will help as much as we can!

Looking forward to getting to know you!


Hi Louisa

I am also starting the cambridge diet on saturday, i have my meeting with the counsellor tonight.
I would love to lose about 6/7 stone, in an ideal world 8 stone would be flippin lovely :D

It would be great to keep in touch as we are starting the same day!! We could help each other thru the tough times (hopefully not too many!)

Lorraine xx


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Hi Louisa

Glad you like the site, told you it's good. Everyone on here is so supportive and you get some good tips and advice on here.

Good luck on Friday.



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Hiya Louisa

Good luck with meeting your CDC - which one are you seeing in Milton Keynes is it Sylvia or Alison?? Doesn't really matter actually as I've heard that they are both very good and very friendly.....

Look forward to hearing how you get on....xx


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Hi Louisa

Good luck with starting your VCLD, the first week is the toughest. Your goals are brilliant incentives, just think by the time you get your new bath you will have a bit more room to have a splash around.


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Hiya Louisa

Good luck with meeting your CDC - which one are you seeing in Milton Keynes is it Sylvia or Alison?? Doesn't really matter actually as I've heard that they are both very good and very friendly.....

Look forward to hearing how you get on....xx

wow are u from MK diva??

its sylvia i actually know her from about 8yrs ago or so as she use to groom my mums poodle LOL


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Well done on making the best decision you could have made. What fantastic goals you have. They should definately keep you motivated.

Good luck for Saturday and keep us posted on how you get on.

Jazzy xx